Monday, February 6, 2012

my head's a blur, the picture fades; my eyes, they keep on shutting down

There is definitely a reason to go on the Tainted Love hunt. At least, to hit Miasnow, if nothing else. (Of course, I also want the full version, which is slightly cheaper on the grid than on the Marketplace, but can be acquired in either location.)

And wau, I'm so not keeping up--Miasnow has an print shop now, too! (She can also be found on Miasnowworld, but for some reason, that page takes forever to load for me.)

Meanwhile, over at Malfean Visions:
Spring makes for silly moments and confusion time, and I've hit the creative roadblock. So I'm turning to you guys, my favorite freaks.

Yes I'm putting myself to the mercy of hundreds of you to slap the creative muse around with a small set of questions. Totally anonymous if you want it to be too.
I figure, more voices won't necessarily hurt, because she's not just selling to those of us in her group.

(And if you haven't seen the Avengers Superbowl ad, here's your chance.)

There's a second Mona Lisa now, the Prado Mona Lisa. From just a strict art outlook, I think this gives us a much deeper perspective on what La Lisa actually looked like, as well as the second artist's particular take on her face--which is different as each artist's painting would be, but also confirms they were working from the same model--or the apprentice gave his take on the final, commissioned work.

Finally, there's a new semi-cheapie themed event in Second Life, and it's called Flux. This month being February, every contributor has done their take on Mardi Gras. So, from SN@TCH's latex fleur-de-lys tops to katat0nik's jester babydolls, from gleefully oversized glitter dresses to skin, makeup, outfits and furnishings...It's run by Ghost Mannequin, who at one point in the far distant past was Putrid Gloom. All for supporting her, but damn, nothing designed by her in this? And will we ever see Show Me on the Doll open again?

You can find Flux in Glitter. Prices run between L$800 (for a full reproduction N'Awlins-style shotgun cottage) to free (masks and beads, I think). It's worth the wander.

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