Thursday, February 23, 2012

more gently than anyone, call out my name

[Broadcast] Applebloom: {Lv24 team LFM} Hiya everypony! Ah don't suppose y'all would mind comin' along with me for a mission or few? Ah don't care how strong you are, 'long as we get to have fun!
[Broadcast] Literal Lass: Every....pony? You are prepared to be shot on sight, right?

No, no, NO--NO Bronys in City of Heroes!

Party at Jensen's! Otherwise known as, what happens if you kill fifty people, and then let ragdoll physics take over? It's almost awe-inspiring, and deeply absurd.

Speaking of deeply absurd, get prepared for the single most awesome Skyrim mod you've ever heard--and trust me, you want to hear this one--Project Pew. Pew pew pew pew. Hee.

"I present to you the most awkward encounter in the history of everything." Likely hyperbole, but funny nonetheless. In every combat game, there has to be a resident Stiv, right? This player is that man.

For more adventures of Not-Stiv, I'd like to finish with his instructive, step by step video for How to Helicopter. There you go--everything you need to know, all in one place, about how to fly badly, crash into things, and terrorize your friends. I'm sure there's at least one person who deeply needs this information.

Unless that person is Stiv. In that case, he likely already does this.

On a slightly more serious note--and pulling on crafting excellence--may I present to you the homemade Tardis phone charger. Yes, thank you, I would like that on my desk. I'll get right on making one.

The most terrifying lamp in all of existence now exists--and if you know anything about Half Life, the game, you'll know exactly why that's so terrifying. (Even if all you know about Half-Life is the Full Life Consequences version, that's still a terrifying lamp.)

Finally, proving that there is, in fact, a Tumblr for everything...let me introduce you to Hugh Murphy, who sketches T-Rex dinosaurs trying to do things with their tiny, tiny arms.

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