Friday, February 24, 2012

I feel it like a wave of love, come and cover me

It's getting towards another span of time where I go through my tags and decide whether or not to delete the tags that are only tied to one entry. I haven't done this in about a year, though. It may take some time.

In the meantime, the latest snapshot (think of Minecraft snapshots as release candidates for the game; they're the quickest way to test new features) features iron golems. Iron golems are somewhat akin to snowmen--you put down two snow blocks, and a pumpkin, you get a snowman. If you put down two iron blocks, and place a pumpkin on top, you get an iron golem.

Snowmen pretty much wander around aimlessly, making the ground ice over and irritating enemy mobs around them. That's all they really do. They're fun to make--especially if you're in a snow biome--but they're not very effective.

Iron golems, on the other hand, defend villages. They also give roses to villagers they saved, so that's doubly cool. So what could possibly go wrong?

Well, there's now at least two ways that folks have discovered to farm the defenders into nonexistence. For what? Well, if you set up the traps right, a nearly endless supply of iron.

I don't actually think this was what Jens had in mind for this development, how'ver...

In more Minecraft news, THE MELON GOD DEMANDS SACRIFICES! Bring him melons! Or suffer his explosive wrath!

Also in the latest snapshot, something else that may well come to the game: oppositely-rotated staircases. Sure, we're still limited on the materials we can make staircase blocks from, but I don't care--architecturally speaking, they're going to make some really, really pretty builds.

In non-Minecraft news, Japan says they're going to have a space elevator by 2050. Whether or not it works, I am really, really excited by this. (And vaguely reminded of the "skyhook" concept in Robert Heinlein's "Friday" book.)

Also from Gizmodo, you might want to check if the FBI will shut off your internet on March 8th. Not kidding. There's a link there and it's dead easy, it's just clicking a button and seeing if the background turns red or green.

You want green. You also want to do this. Because the FBI's fairly serious about cutting off access.

And from Macworld comes an article on how many really ancient computers are still in operation around the US. The list is kind of scary. And I thought the catputer was bad for having 2006-era parts.

I am both astounded and worried at the potential involved in the new super-glue that's been developed from flesh-eating bacteria. For one, flesh-eating bacteria, that cannot be a good idea. But for two, this could become a non-invasive way to seal wounds, repair bones, reduce the need for invasive sutures...and that's just the human-based uses that come to mind.

And now all the recent prim breast posts have their own blog, and all new entries that are devoted just to that topic are going to be parked there as well. Still no real idea why--maybe I'm just that bored in SL at present--it's a continuing interest, but it is. And those gentles who raised the point with me are right--this really isn't an Adult-rated blog, for the most part, and it's not really designed to be.

Despite former jobs in the past.

So, demos, testing, outfits, if I actually get it together enough to start another business, future hunts, and anything I do involving primwork and employment (if I do)--it'll all be over there. Feel free to wander over if you feel like it, but--while I promise I'll do my best to stay clothed--one or two not-quite-clothed photos may emerge. (One, in fact, this week.)

Finally, this is one of the most baffling songs I've ever heard, this is one of the most innovative table designs I've ever seen, and a seamstress suing Facebook found out that they're not nice people. Gosh, what a shock. That sort of alarming naïveté really requires her to lay down for a few weeks, rethink her life experiences to date.

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