Tuesday, February 7, 2012

slowly spin beneath the day

In wandering through the spam filter, I'd deleted this next one, but I did take the precaution of copying it out beforehand, just in case. I suppose this is that 'just in case', case:
From: "jannet watson" [email redacted]

Magical spells really work!! I never thought there were still honest, genuine, trustworthy and very powerful spell casters until i met the spiritual helper, MERUJA OWO.
That link, by the way, in case anyone has a passing interest, doesn't lead to Meruja's site--it leads to a Google search snapshot of just how many random blogs between June 2011 and Febrary 2012 this twink has hit with this same exact comment.
last week he did a love spell for me

"Love spell". Jannet, I'm a practicing pagan and I have difficulty accepting that statement.

But just for the giggle factor, I also did a Google search for that, and what came up was eminently hysterical:
  • Love Knot Spell (note the instructions to buy your yarn "at Walmart")
  • Easy Love Spell (which says that the more you "feel sexy", the better this one's going to work)
  • Email Love Spell (I have no words for this one. I'm laughing too hard)
and it worked effectively and now he just casted
Seriously, she actually typed "just casted"? The hell.
another healing spell for my friend who has fibroid and family problem
One assumes the "fibroid problem" and the "family problem" are not related...
and now she is totally free and she is presently the happiest person on earth, she keeps thanking me all day...
Um...good? No, wait, this "Meruja" cast a healing spell and her fibroid "problem" just...what, vanished into thin air? Also, apparently fibroids cause depression? I mean, switching from whatever "family problem" it was that made her "the happiest person on earth"...
I just thought it would be good to tell the whole world
The whole world doesn't read my blog, lady.
about his good work and how genuine he is,
I won't even bother justifying a claim to be "genuine" from someone with a throwaway email address who's hit six hundred blogs with this same message...
i wasn't thinking i could get any help because of my past experiences with other fake casters who could not bring my husband back to me
Err, your husband is still alive, right? You mean ex-husband, not ex-person?
and they all promised heaven and earth and all they are able to do is ask for more money all the time until i met with this man. he does all spells, Love spells, money spells, lottery spells e.t.c
Wau. Amazing diversity of talent, there. I am especially intrigued by the "e.t.c" spells.
i wish i can save every one who is in those casters trap right now because i went though hell thinking and hoping they could help me. i recommend MERUJA OWO for any kind of help you want.

his email address is: [nevergoingtobeonmyblog.com]
if you want to ask me anything my e-mail is: [don't really care, not linking you either--save to note she lists her last name as "madeson", not "watson"]

Kind Regards,
Back atcha,
So, is it a good sign or a bad sign that my spam rates are picking up? Personally, if they're all as entertaining as this I won't mind overmuch, but seriously--does that mean I'm getting traffic from more places? And, ultimately, does it matter since I'm not going to directly publish anything from spammers at this point anyway, so it's kind of a waste of the time they took to spam the blog comments.

Tough luck, "jannet". Better luck next time. But do feel free to return and leave a comment if you actually have anything to say about any entry I send out.

Oh, wait. That would require that you read things. And clearly, you don't even have time to correct your own typos in this mass-spammed 'reply'. More fool you.

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