Thursday, January 12, 2012

mirror, mirror, won't you kiss my cheek and tell me I'll be okay?

Slowly but surely, we creep towards the future. Here's another sign--a seemingly fully-functional heads-up wearable display. It's not perfect yet--there's a long way to go--but it's a good stride forward.

More future signs--Corning has developed a thinner, stronger, more durable glass they've dubbed Gorilla Glass. It can take over one hundred pounds of pressure weight before fracturing. They're hoping to get it into manufacturing hands later this year.

For lovers of costume, here's the Adjutant from StarCraft II. (Here's a shot seen in the game, so you can see how good this costume came out--and if you're curious, here's a full-length shot from the main convention hall, and a shot under stage lights for more of the effect.)

In the meantime, how to make your own arrow-to-the-knee prosthetic (for hardcore Skyrim fans), a lovely leather TARDIS purse (fan-created, not authorized by the show) on Etsy, hope on the horizon for Silent Hill: Downpour, and a sheep in Minecraft who rezzed in the exactly wrong place.

Finally, toss your two cents into one of the strangest comics mysteries yet--two unnamed, specifically depicted cops seen throughout many childrens' comics. They've been seen in uniform and out, fighting crime, standing in the background, action shots and simply posing--and what makes it even stranger is that it isn't just one company doing this. So why are they there? And why are they always the same?

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