Friday, January 13, 2012

if you hide away from me how can our love grow?

There seems no end to startlingly specific Tumblrs in the world, but here's one I thought people would appreciate--a very detailed run-down, prop by prop, of the Moffat-penned Sherlock Holmes series, in a question-and-answer format. The pictures are large, there are tons of links to explore further, and all in all, for fans of the show or Sherlock in general, it's a joy to read through.

For fans of actual history, not literary history, try Archaeologica. It definitely seems to be using a web site template from the 90's, but barring that, it's a wonderful resource for the latest archeological dig site and press news.

Did you know Kindergarten Cop was filmed in Silent Hill? Me neither, but apparently Kotaku thinks they can back it up. That's...eerily creepy, frankly.

And I have no words for why this exists in the world. It hurts my brain.

And speaking of Skyrim, someone put far too much effort into My Little Dragonborn, but look at the detailing. That's seriously impressive.

In the meantime, a friend of mine collated a bit of Caledon chatter, but she didn't send any names alone. Still, I think it's worthwhile sharing.

Profile says: SL is a game but behind every avatar is a real human heart that etc etc.
I say: So is monopoly but I don't feel bad about bankrupting you. Get some perspective.

Profile says: If you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best.
I say: Shit, I was just going to say hi. I didn't realize I was supposed to be your damn support network.

Profile says: No drama
I say: Good luck with that. Welcome to life.

Profile says: Never make someone your priority when they only make you an option.
I say: Thanks for the unsolicited relationship advice. Are you speaking from experience or just assuming that everyone else is obsessively clingy?

The replies after that (from Skype):

[3:07:02 AM] Hxxx Rxxxxx: Huh. I guess I need to alter my "Please jebus no drama" line in my profile...
[3:13:37 AM] Axxxxxxxx Rxxxxx: it started with "what are the most annoying things you see in people's profiles" and has been snowballing from there
[3:14:27 AM] Axxxxxxxx Rxxxxx: hee!

And back to ISC chat:

[03:12] Mxxxxxxxx Oxxxxxxxx: I love my neighbors but sometimes I wish I could program my defense drones to hunt their breedables.
[03:13] Axxxxxxx Wxxxxxx muses.......... in France they have horse butchers' shops. Probably wouldn't go down too well in Caledon.

Good points all.

And I'll end with some friendly, motherly advice. For those of you with young teen're, um...welcome?

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