Saturday, January 7, 2012

and I don't see you anymore

"A song cannot survive if it is not being played – it is either played or it perishes."
~Martin Caerthy
Ever wanted one of TRON's lightcycles? Now, maybe you can have one.

Sort of.

If you have $50,000 spare in the coinpurse.

In other news:

[20:28] Sxxxxx Sxxxxx: Sending LM for "Dollcoco" - they do rigged mesh *everything* - their approach is since we can't deform the mesh (yet) they're doing a doll body (yes, doll joints too) and doll heads and have mesh clothing rigged for THOSE bodies/heads instead of people trying to make them fit something else
[20:29] Sxxxxx Sxxxxx: there's a free bunny mesh av too, btw. Also, for group, bodies, one set of ears and a joker dress are free, and there's free demos of the heads.
Sxxxxx Sxxxxx has offered you '*DOLLCOCO*_COCO DESIGNS, COCO DESIGNS (156, 114, 4013)' in Second Life. Log in to accept or decline the offer.

Thus armed, and being of somewhat manic despairing heart, I sallied forth to investigate Dollcoco.

(from the dolly album)

So, the store is in a clean, white space, minimal but attractive decorations. Reminds me a lot of Lico Lico, actually, just smaller. And everything's neatly set out--instructions, heads, bodies, outfits.

(from the dolly album)

Most of the outfits run from from L$250 to L$750, depending on amount of detail work, I'd assume. If you turn around, from facing the sign, you'll find an add-on of elf ears for the doll heads, and a card-suit 'dress', both for free if you join the Dollcoco update group. There's also some less "doll"-centric outfits along the same wall, some neo-Grecian numbers, some evening slip dresses. These selections seem to be towards the lower end of the price line.

(from the dolly album)

These are hardly all of the doll heads available--and though most are made to match the "snow" tone doll body, there is also a variant called "cocoa" which is dark and lovely. Unfortunately there's only one head to match that particular body--so far. Here's to hoping there will be more.

(from the dolly album)

These are the two doll bodies, containing three different torso variants (anatomical, "smooth", and wearing boy-shorts and bras, respectively), comprising nine mesh pieces (and also complete with fully ball-jointed limbs, wrists, and feet), miraculously both available for free (again, if you're a member of the update group). I'm astounded at that.

(from the dolly album)

She also has fish skirts.

Don't ask.

So, why aren't you seeing me modeling any of these? I will admit, I did throw caution to the wind and, since I'd given back Salix Alba in Winterfell, spent L$750 on the all-black EGL frock, L$450 on the "Emilly" head, and will likely try to talk friends tomorrow into tossing me L$250 for a pair of the mesh boots. Then I went home and tried everything on...and nearly pounded my head against the monitor screen, so great was my frustration.

See, the latest build of Henri Beauchamp's Cool-VL mesh viewer does not work. Flat out. Among the many, many bugs it manifests:
  • crashing on teleport
  • crashing on login
  • crashing on sim-crossing
  • constant (like, every five minutes constant) messages that the viewer is going to crash due to lack of sufficient memory (even if the viewer cache is cleared every time the message appears and the user relogs)
  • the viewer constantly auto-scaling back draw distance to 64
  • the viewer constantly relocating local lights to sun and moon only under graphics, even if changed
  • the inability to spin the camera around an avatar without the avatar also spinning around to face where the camera's pointing
  • refusal to load textures in sims
  • refusal to load vendors in sims
  • refusal to load anything in sims
  • occasional inability to load EYES (Goddamn it, Henri, EYES! WHAT THE HELL?!?)
I'd point you towards the forums for this, for any tips and tricks, but Henri has inexplicably morphed from a helpful, caring programmer I trust into complete stunted snippy jerklife, and, until he improves, I switched to Singularity. It's noooot just the drivers, Henri, look into it.

How'ver, the problem with doing this? (Other than the waste of time spent completely uninstalling Cool-VL and Second Life v2 and then running a clean install of Singularity?)

I did not realize Singularity did not have mesh support yet.

Damn it.

So I'll get back to you on that.

In the meantime, an explanation for why there are so many bugs in Skyrim. Also, based (partially) on that, I think more games should have nanobears.

Herds and herds of nanobears.


That is all.

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