Monday, January 2, 2012

I have a habit of leaving damage in my wake

More mania from City of Heroes'Help channel.

[Help] Rockin Rolla: Are there any drinking games associated w/ CoH/V? Like "Click a glowie, take a shot?"
[Help] Daddy Longleg: Make your own :)

Never the best advice, but they were off and running.

[Help] Night Lioness: "take a DoT from a ghost, take a shot" you will have liver failure in a week
[Help] Frog of War: everytime Azuria loses something, take a shot
[Help] Mighty Mousse: blaster faceplants, take a shot

Otherwise known as the "sacrificial blaster" phenomenon--since blasters in-game can deal a great amount of damage, but do not have the steady hit points to take that damage back in return, this is pretty much the phrase used everytime a blaster runs into melee range to punch things, and as expected, they drop like rocks doing it.

[Help] Daddy Longleg: Everytime you defeat a minion...take a shot
[Help] Jake Portia Simmons: AV, take a shot. Best done in the sewers.
[Help] Jake Portia Simmons: Team wipe, take a shot.
[Help] Jake Portia Simmons: Vengeance cast, take a shot.
[Help] Jake Portia Simmons: Holwing twilight/Barrier hits more then one person, take a shot.
[Help] Night Lioness: mapserved, take a shot

"Mapserved" is when the message flashes on your screen "Disconnected from Mapserver"--it may mean you have to wait until the game picks up your internet again, or close the game entirely and restart. It's annoying either way.

[Help] Dr. Thraxmidar: why must it be take a shot? why don't you just be men about it and down a bottle

Because we'd all be DEAD if we did that.

[Help] Lady Arcadia: Is Azuria the only one who loses stuff thought? I mean, doesn't the Zig have constant breakouts?
[Help] Blade'Dancer: See a Catgirl, take a shot (you'll be blitzed in about 5 minutes)

Yes, the Neko invasion is well established in City of Heroes, just like SL.

[Help] North Pole Exile: at least people know the Zig has breakouts.

The Zig is a jail in City of Heroes; it used to feature prominently in the intro mission to the game. (Now, it doesn't, and many people still miss it.)

[Help] Galadion: ((Empath goes AFK, take a shot))

Empath = healer.

[Help] Kali Blade: See unhelpfull comments in help chat, take a shot.

Dear gods...Again, we'd all be DEAD if we did this now.

[Help] North Pole Exile: For all we know, Azuria's (or Magi's rather) vault is merely a portal to some corner of kings row
[Help] Inferno Ten: Blaster rushes in and dies take a shot
[Help] North Pole Exile: does the blaster death count if it's part of an attack chain?
[Help] North Pole Exile: the blaster's own attack chain, specifically
[Help] North Pole Exile: My blaster has four self rezzes.. a nuke.. crap, one mission is liverdeath for me

Yeah. There are so many ways a CoH could end in cirrhosis.

[Help] Galadion: ((Someone encloses obviously OOC speech in brackets, take a shot))
Help] Desiree DuCoeur: ((someone takes a shot, take a shot))
[Help] Desiree DuCoeur: ((that means two....ah, no, 3 shots now......ah, screw it, gimme the bottle ^^)
[Help] Rockin Rolla: Everytime I back into a Boss group, take a shot

You're not alone, I do this too.

[Help] Jake Portia Simmons: Kill a one eyed monster on the ITF, take a shot.

The Imperious Task Force, or ITF, features Cyclop warriors, because it's set in a neo-Roman seaside town named Cimerora.

[Help] Madame Incendia: Someone's liver spontaneously books a vacation to somewhere sober, take a shot.

Hee! (Wait, can livers do that??)

[Help] Desiree DuCoeur: everytime the defender goes 'lol, toebombing nuke', take a shot.

I have no idea what "toebombing" is. This really doesn't help, either, but it's all I could find.

[Help] Desiree DuCoeur: everytime the only one who has a rez kisses the carpet: take a shot
[Help] Madame Incendia: Everytime the only person with a Rez is a Free Account, take a shot.

There's a lot of things free account holders can't do. While they can play empaths (the big healing class), they can't be traded with, or talk in any chat channel other than Help, can't send in-game emails, can't send in-game tells, can't craft items, can't use the Auction House...there's a whole list of things they can't do.

But if your empath is a free account, they have the only rez in the party, and they go down? You can't pass them an Awaken inspiration, you can't IM them, you can't start a just have to wait. Yeah, it's annoying.

[Help] Madame Incendia: Also, as a Holiday one. Anytime someone on your Team takes a brief detour to open a Present forgetting they're on a team and die, take a shot. *Will promptly be passed out dead.*

Soooo not kidding. When an individual character opens a present, they have a shot of getting as few as three Frostlings, small puffy snow creatures who freeze combatants in place, up to five Frostlings, one or two Blights (larger puffy snow creatures with greater abilities), and every once in a while, a full Winter Lord (HUGE puffy snow creatures who pretty much kill you dead, period).

HOWEVER, if one is on a team? The game tries to scale the attackers in the present to match. So if you're a level 12 character, in a level 12 zone, but you've been exemplared up to level 33, and you have five other people on your team...touching that present usually leads to certain death by snowy things.

I'm sure there's more, but yeah, that's enough to die from alcohol poisoning, right there.

[Help] Big Zeke: Can you /respec into a different powerset, or should I roll a new toon?

I let this go at the time, but you know, I think I'm just going to revise my thinking. Anyone who calls game characters--for any game that isn't World of Warcraft--"toons", well, instead of getting upset, I'm just going to sympathize. Because it must be difficult for them, being that stupid. There's no need for ire when the person behind the screen just isn't that bright.

He can't help it, obviously. It's like a chosen disability. He's to be pitied, not attacked.

And to finish up:

[Help] Night Lioness: of course Lord Recluse wouldn't know where the sewers are, that's beneath him
[Help] Amethyst Pierce: is that a pun?

Ba-dum CHING.

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