Thursday, January 12, 2012

I said "you're such a sweet young thing, why you do this to yourself?"

Pursuant to the earlier mention of the mysterious cop appearances, some further information!

All of this came from reading through the comics, btw.

Someone mentioned they're a time-traveling Tag & Bink; someone else said that at least one of them could be the megafan from Draw Me In; I remain unconvinced on that latter one.

Amusingly after that, someone else mentioned that the pair may have 'moved on to new media': to wit, the commercial series. (And damn, if one of the clay people doesn't have red hair and a red goatee.)

Not sure if this was actually a self-insertion plug for the upcoming film, but someone later in the thread suggested the pair was the Robinson boys, but older and also time-traveling: again, I don't buy it, but there is token resemblance.

They've also been seen in at least one Transformers comic.

Someone else mentioned they might be two members of a kids' music band called the Imagination Movers, and even more bizarrely, they've also been seen on South Park. Weird.

Also, they have their own Facebook page now, as well as a hip-hop tribute on Youtube.

Finally, towards the end of the comment thread, someone else mentions that they might just be someone else chimes in to say they just might be Joe Shuster (seen in artist's rendition on a comic cover, appropriately enough) and Jerry Siegel (seen on the right, next to Shuster). And why is that relevant? Well, because Shuster was the creator and head writer on the first run of Superman comics (and for many years thereafter), and Siegel was the head artist.

So all of this could be quirky tribute offerings to two men who were foundational in creating superheroes in the first place. And whether it's true or not, I can live with that.

And more news on SOPA--in protest of SOPA and its companion, only slightly less vile bill, PIPA--Reddit has stated it will go dark on January 18th. Other companies supposedly "considering" a blackout on that day include Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Twitter and Amazon, but they may or may not go through with it. There was a snippet of coverage on the Young Turks that covered this as well; they also seem unconvinced that other top-100 websites will join in.

I'm proud of Reddit for putting themselves out on the line like this, though.

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