Friday, June 18, 2010

I’m waiting for the sky to fall, I’m waiting for a sign

Sometimes, conversations with God are on the baffling side.

what: the hell
what: the hell is this

emilly.orr: Hmm?
what: I dunno
what: Balls in your court EM

emilly.orr: Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me...
what: Awwwwwwwww no way
emilly.orr: Yep

Hell, I figured I'd be spending another year in stealth mode, but God happened to pop up an hour into The Day. So I told him. I don't expect anything to change, mind; and still, not even sure I'll be in today, what with computer issues (we've figured out, so far, it's not malware, spyware, virii or uncleared cache, on browser or in world; it could be some malformed codec, which is the next state of checking, but the stuttering/wowing of audio and video is not pleasant on top of it).

Then again, sometimes conversations with God are uncomfortable.

what: Happy Bday Em
what: In commmemoration
what: Totally not wearing pants

emilly.orr: Happy "You haven't died yet" day :p
emilly.orr blinks
emilly.orr: Um. Yay?

what: Still wearing boxers
what: So

emilly.orr: SO

Still wearing boxers, point in his favor. Drunk and weaving at the keys, I think removes the point. Kind of unsure on that one. And really, God drunk, God sober; same God either way.

what: But still, i digress
what: How was your bday?

emilly.orr: Dunno, it's just one ayem here
what: oh right
emilly.orr: Technically, it starts after I go to bed and get up again
what: its lik3 3 am here
emilly.orr: So far, it's been keen :p
what: hAHAH
what: Hahah
what: WHOOOPS capslock

I tend to view capslock as sort of the net version of yelling "Hey! I'm DRUNK!" in bars. Well, quieter. Well, no, because I still 'hear' it as yelling. So yeah, same thing.

what: Also, turns out Ive had a lot of ICEHOUSE and PINGPONG because I was bored tonight
what: Sersiously, watch how that game gets harder as you drink
what: its crazy
what: OH
what: OH

emilly.orr: Pingpong?
what: I should get you a present
what: one sec

He never answered, btw. What the hell is "Pingpong" in relation to college drunkenness? Inquiring minds need to know.

what: I promise<
what: it will be semipornograpgic

emilly.orr: 0.0
emilly.orr: God works in mysterious ways

I have more fear of Stiv finding random semipornographic things for me than Jakkar finding random YouTube links. Mainly because semipornographic, for God? Generally involves giving birth, or rainbows and fish, or Hitlerjürgen Lolitas...or other visuals that make brain cells die...

what: you pick
what: Boobs or fish?
what: like, literally fish, as in the animal
what: or breasts
what: Your call Em

emilly.orr: buh
what: anyday now
emilly.orr: For a moment I thought you were talking reverse mermaids
what: thats different
what: but an option

I don't even want to know. Stiv? O My Wand'ring Lord? I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.

emilly.orr: how can fish be semipornographic?
what: its your bday after all
what: trust me em
what: just
what: trust me
what: and pick: breats, lesbians, or winking

We went from boobs or fish, to breasts, lesbians, or winking. The mind shudders.

emilly.orr: I am confused by your options, but okay, breasts
what: DEAL
what: I mean, OK

emilly.orr: (though you'd think lesbians, they'd come with breasts...)
what: (they do but you know rules are rules, only one choice)<
emilly.orr: Well, you did say<
what: Ok ok
what: Breasts, and lesbians
what: I GIVE YOU
what: man cartoon boobs are always nice to see, even if they arent real

emilly.orr: I am amused by the fact that the egg timer seems embarrassed, too
what: Hahahah
what: OH em
what: You enjoy the details

I'm a detail girl. So yes, I have decided to share God's birthday gift for me with the world...or at least the eight or so of you, internationally, who read this.

I will say it's mostly safe for work, though it is mildly suggestive, and the breasts, while clad, are quite obviously breasts. And on the huge side.

And it has the power of cute behind it, mysteriously. Those wacky Japanese...

"Serendipity, chance encounters, and a swirl of cultures and ideas is what makes a city great, rather than how efficiently cars can get in and out, or how “in control” you want to feel in the environment (as if control, somehow, can stave off chaos or decay)."

That leads you to a really, really long essay by Dusan Writer on the state of the metaverse, but I honestly swear to you, it is worthwhile to read through the whole thing. And if, by whatever grace may touch this blog from time to time, a Linden with functional powers of insight should read down this far--please, mysterious San Fran person, read through that. Print it out. Pin it up around the office. Forward the link to people. Encode it in a memo. Get more eyes on it, because it will save your jobs. I'm dead serious.

In the meantime, I'm off for sleeping. Tomorrow, branding and gatling ponies! (No, don't freak out, it's not me, we're seeing Jonah Hex. Trust me, one brand is enough for me, I highly doubt I'll ever get another one.)


Rhianon Jameson said...

Have a most happy celebration of the anniversary of your birth, Miss Orr! As your Google skills are no doubt better than mine, and you know your preferences better than I do, I'll refrain from sending you any URL "presents."

Emilly Orr said...

*giggles* Oh, thank you. And also thank you; the day has dawned bright and sunny, but I am doing my best to remain cheerful and undeterred. We have picked a mall for the bulk of our day's wanderings, so I think I will not spontaneously combust. For joy!

Sphynx Soleil said...

Yay for not combusting!