Thursday, June 3, 2010

don't ever drink soup with a knife

You know how you go home, sometimes, and you find someone's been rezzing things out on your parcel, and it's just this ugly eyesore set of boxes, or avatar bits, or a penis hovercraft, or something insane and ridiculous? And you have that mild fit of cursing people as you're returning things, and wondering what would possess some people to own these objects, let alone rez them out and leave them on your property?

Second Life,fire,Hell,vehicles,weirdness

The Hellbike. Currently sitting on my shop parcel, twenty-two prims of fire and chains and chrome-skull struts.

I am totally tempted to leave it there. I mean, seriously--the former owner parked it behind a cemetary fence, next to a castle and a tree dripping spiderwebs and glitter. In all honesty is there a better place for this?

Well, mayhap something to do with gothic motorcycles, maybe, but--still! Hellbike!

In chapter 426 of the unofficial guide to Hollywood Cashing In, I bring you advance notice of The Mummy Online. Yes, apparently this is not an unfounded rumor, Universal is translating the small franchise of movies into a free-to-play MMO.

Other than telling you that, I have no idea what to say. Honestly, if Stargate: Worlds tanked, if The Matrix Online tanked....seriously, what chance do budding archeologists fighting flesh-eating beetles have?

[16:20] lulu Oller: Hi Twisties....I have aquestion which i am stumped on....Im seeking if anyone might know...knows who made the saint andrew collar , I am the Empress of Russia and would like to aquire this...but i know I saw at twisted

One bit of advice: If you're (roleplaying) the Empress of Russia...LEARN TO SPELL. Jesus. I know it's a pet peeve but Second Life is still MOSTLY a text-based environment. One or two typos along the way, fine. CONSISTENT inability to spell MOST SIMPLE WORDS is not, and if your RP involves the portrayal of royalty...well, actually, you'd probably be accurate for most royalty at the time...I guess, carry on then.

(Oh, but if you're curious about what she know, being Empress of Russia and all?

[16:43] Nighty Goodspeed: I found it!
[16:43] Nighty Goodspeed: Edward Ballinger&Trajan Hallard -
Ballinger & Hallard (royal crown jewels) Feb 7-14

There you go.)

In other news...

[Guild] [Zoezoe]: hey I died
[Guild] [Sausage]: ugh what from?
[Zoezoe]: my dumb *^^ went to hit the bong and died

Let that be a lesson to everyone--never do drugs during combat. They'll get you killed. This public service message brought to you by stoned collage kids on Runes.

More zombie coverage--I bring you one of the best zombie ad campaigns ever, from Sweden, and from AMC, a really great (if small) gallery of zombie makeups. Very well done.

And finally, why didn't this ever happen? It seems terribly clear.

Yes, my mind was scattered today. I didn't get a lot of sleep. Expect actual content later!


Brinda said...

Scattered maybe...nice to see I'm not the only one =^..^=

Emilly Orr said...

Oh, not by a long shot. On another blog (which I'm still fostering a small crowbar's distance of separation from), I call these "clip entries". Because really, they're just brief mentions and mostly links and I say very little of any relevance whatsoever.

Which, actually, describes a lot of my life on the net anyway, but hey. :)