Wednesday, June 9, 2010

and I can't really hear you through the thickening of fear

The new revised pastebin list (still UNconfirmed for the most part):

.Aimee Linden.Ali Linden.Anna Linden.Babbage Linden.Bacon Linden.Baron Linden
.Bernard Linden.BK Linden.Blue Linden.Brent Linden.Brodesky Linden.Byron Linden
.Callen Linden.Callumtester Linden.Carla Linden.Carmilla Linden.Cassandra Linden

Let me pause here and state there's almost a toxic level of irony in letting someone who named herself "Cassandra Linden" go...but we move on:

.CeeLo Linden.Chiyo Linden.Christy Linden.Claudia Linden.Cody Linden.Cogsworth Linden
.Coyot Linden.Crimp Linden.Cru Linden.Devnull Linden.DJ Linden.Donation Linden
.Doten Linden.Dough Linden.Dragon Linden.DreamsRoom Linden.Driscoll Linden.Drub Linden
.Edelman Linden.Eli Linden.Epic Linden.Esther Linden.Ferny Linden.Fredrik Linden
.Gayathri Linden.Gez Linden.Ghenghis Linden.Gino Linden.Gisele Linden.Grapes Linden
.Groundskeeper Linden.Harmony Linden.Helen Linden.Inoshiro Linden.Irie Linden.Itiaes Linden
.Ivan Linden.James Linden.Jarv Linden.Jerm Linden.Jay Linden.JessieAnn Linden
.Jules Linden.JP Linden.Karel Linden.Karina Linden.Katie Linden.Kazu Linden
.Kristi Linden.Ladan Linden.Lex Linden.Liana Linden.Listings Linden.LJ Linden
.Madison Linden.Mae Linden.Marketplace Linden.Meredith Linden.Mia Linden.Milton Linden
.Moderator Linden.MoleMart Linden.Molly Linden.Nelly Linden.Norm Linden.OnRezRefund Linden
.Pal Linden.Pastrami Linden.Periapse Linden.Pink Linden.Pixie Linden.Prep Linden
.Pup Linden.Rakesh Linden.Ray Linden.Removals Linden.Removals2 Linden.Removals3 Linden
.Removals4 Linden.Rhett Linden.Rika Linden.RodneyLinden.Rohit Linden.Rountree Linden
.Rudas Linden.Scobu Linden.Scott Linden.Scrubber Linden.SculptieRoom Linden.Sea Linden
.Sejong Linden.Siz Linden.Socratese Linden.Squid Linden.Squire Linden.Steffan Linden.
.Stone Linden.Storrs Linden.Tatem Linden.Teddy Linden.Theeba Linden.Thor Linden
.Tia Linden.Tiggs Linden.Timothee Linden.Tony Linden.Torres Linden.Twilight Linden
.Valerie Linden.Vicky Linden.Viddy Linden.Vogt Linden.Wallace Linden.Webb Linden
.William Linden.Wen Linden.Xandrix Linden.Xtreme Linden.Yamasaki Linden.Zero Linden

Now, what strikes me about this longer list? There's a lot of accounts there that seem "placeholder" accounts more than anything--the chain of "Removals" Lindens, f'rinstance, or the one linked to OnRez, say. That's not necessarily a bad sign; how'ver, most of these names are connected to people, people who are now scrambling for someone else to hire them.

Already battle signs are being seen around the grid: some folks are making plans to leave, some initial sales of goods are starting to be seen, though no 'GOING OUT OF BUSINESS 4EVAH" notes--yet. I do know Miss Ayesha Lytton is planning closures of at least five sims in the Solace Beach chain, and moving commercial and residential tenants to sims still grandfathered to the old pricing structures, to shore up and stabilize her business while we see if SL is sticking around--or not.

Des seems to think Caledon will remain strong and relatively unaffected; I'm willing to trust him on that, because he is the prime model of the business survivor, and--just as a business, let alone on any friendship level with anyone--he is willing to fight for what matters to him. I am not dismissing this as a bad motivation, mind--he keeps Caledon afloat, with or without SL around it, and he keeps his family afloat: his daughter gets to go to collage. His kids get to continue to eat. He gets to stay far away from the terrors of middle management.

Everyone else? Well, strap in, as Bettie Davis notably said--it's going to be a bumpy night.


Serenity said...

*Clings to Emi* DX This will not end well, is all I can think.

Emilly Orr said...

*hugs Serenity* I don't think so, either, but I'm beginning to wonder--who's left? All the names of Lindens I've ever heard of or dealt with, nearly the entirety of people who talk to Residents at all--barring T Linden and Torley, are on that list.

Sphynx Soleil said...

All the song quotes you use, I think this is only the second one I recognize. The song it comes from is in my regular carpod rotation. :)

Brinda said...

When the creature eats it's one is safe.
While I continue to have a viable community, my plans to expand are certainly on hold.

Candy said...

Am I right in thinking some of these Lindens listed are in some cases alts of one person and in others cases "bot" accounts?


Emilly Orr said...


I get obscure at times. Plus, I'm pulling from just about everything I listen to--which, so far, includes everything but sixties' twangy country and hardcore thug rap. Everything else is fair game. :)

Emilly Orr said...

That's where a lot of people are, and some of the larger merchants and estate owners are deeply afraid. This is a sign of major instability, and for some people, SL Lindens ARE their RL income.

Emilly Orr said...


I'm fairly sure you're right. It wasn't as obvious in earlier lists, but on this one, the alt/bot/bookkeeping accounts pretty much leap out. If newbieTemplate Linden hadn't already been axed, lo these many years back, I'm sure that name would've been on the lists too.

That having been said, there's still a lot of names on the list that aren't placeholders or bots the Labs don't need anymore. And I think those people the Labs are going to miss, sooner than they think.