Sunday, March 21, 2010

wondering where you've been, and where you're going to find yourself before the night is through

It just wouldn't be a Falln hunt without surreal zombie conversations. I don't know if I'm more impressed or more disturbed that they're getting more coherent.

[2:41] My Pet Zombie: Hello there.
[2:41] Emilly Orr: So you're still here.
[2:41] My Pet Zombie: Interesting deduction. You think I am here.
[2:42] Emilly Orr: I do think you're there.
[2:42] My Pet Zombie: You think I am there.
[2:42] Emilly Orr: No, I think you're here.
[2:42] My Pet Zombie: Are you serious? You think I am here.
[2:42] Emilly Orr: Are you obsessed with being here?
[2:42] My Pet Zombie: I don't know whether or not I am obsessed with being here.
I am a robot.
[2:42] Emilly Orr: I know.
[2:42] My Pet Zombie: How do you know it?
[2:42] Emilly Orr: You just told me.
[2:42] My Pet Zombie: I'm just checking to see if you are awake :-).
[2:42] Emilly Orr: I am!
[2:42] My Pet Zombie: What are you?
[2:42] Emilly Orr: Shapeshifter.
[2:42] My Pet Zombie: What color are your eyes?
[2:42] Emilly Orr: Right now, purple.
[2:42] My Pet Zombie: What do you have that is purple?
[2:42] Emilly Orr: A lot of things. Hair currently.
[2:42] My Pet Zombie: Like what? We have never talked about it before.
[2:43] Emilly Orr: Kimonos.
[2:43] My Pet Zombie: That is a very original thought.
[2:43] Emilly Orr: Thank you.
[2:43] My Pet Zombie: you are quite welcome.
[2:43] Emilly Orr: I think it would be hard to kiss you with all those teeth.
[2:43] My Pet Zombie: Why do you want it?
[2:43] Emilly Orr: It says 'Kissing Booth' over your head.
[2:43] My Pet Zombie: I've heard that before.
[2:43] Emilly Orr: I bet you hear that a lot.
[2:43] My Pet Zombie: Actually I'm not the gambling type. Yes, I can hear you quite clearly, .
[2:43] Emilly Orr: Yay!
[2:43] My Pet Zombie: I'm glad you're impressed, .
[2:43] Emilly Orr: I am.
[2:43] My Pet Zombie: What are you?
[2:43] Emilly Orr: We've been over this.
[2:43] My Pet Zombie: Was this something you planned?
[2:43] Emilly Orr: Not really.
[2:43] My Pet Zombie: Are you serious? For real.
[2:44] Emilly Orr: For real.
[2:44] My Pet Zombie: Existing in reality, eh?
[2:44] Emilly Orr: Just checking.
[2:44] My Pet Zombie: If you could have any kind of robot what would it be?
[2:44] Emilly Orr: Phone bot.
[2:44] My Pet Zombie: Have you ever been to Europe?
[2:44] Emilly Orr: No.
[2:44] My Pet Zombie: Would you like to go sometime?
[2:44] Emilly Orr: Yes.
[2:44] My Pet Zombie: Dude!
[2:44] Emilly Orr: Way!
[2:44] My Pet Zombie: Awesome.

Yes. The zombie actually said "awesome.".

[2:44] Emilly Orr: I love you.

[2:44] My Pet Zombie: Thanks I like you a lot too .
[2:44] Emilly Orr: I have to get back to hunting now.
[2:44] My Pet Zombie: Right now? Why do you have to do it?
[2:44] Emilly Orr: Because it's only going on one more day.
[2:45] My Pet Zombie: Good reason. me is going on one more day? it is?
[2:45] Emilly Orr: It is!
[2:45] My Pet Zombie: Who says?
[2:45] Emilly Orr: And then it's over.
[2:45] My Pet Zombie: Fascinating. going on one more day is over? it is?
[2:45] Emilly Orr: Azriel says.
[2:45] My Pet Zombie: Do not ask me any more questions please.
[2:45] Emilly Orr: Understood.
[2:45] My Pet Zombie: I've been waiting for you.
[2:45] Emilly Orr inches away.
[2:45] My Pet Zombie: YOU? Oh, you are a poet.
[2:45] Emilly Orr: Stalker!
[2:45] My Pet Zombie: My brain pattern set does not have a response for that.
[2:45] Emilly Orr runs!

I admit, I adore the zombies. And their evolution is fascinating. But I think the one in the Kissing Booth has been kissed just a wee bit too often.

On the SL blog recently, Jack Linden--and learn to love or loathe the name now; he's just upped the amount of power he has in the Labs, so you'll be seeing his name a lot--mentioned the introduction of stage one towards script limitations. This will eventually lead to actual avatar-based, parcel-based, and sim-based script limits. Now, he says they will be low enough that very few residents will be impacted. Obscurely, I'm going to go on record and say I believe this, but I do disagree with his findings on Mono scripting.

This has been proven, on a regional level, not just a parcel level, by Vicereine Kamilah Haupptman and Desmond Shang, among others, in Caledon; and I'm sure equivalent research has happened elsewhere on the grid. There's the quirky thing about Mono scripting: when something comes into the sim that has been Mono scripted, generally attached to an avatar, that sim stops for a moment. Now Jack is right, in that afterwards, Mono scripting is tighter and is much more efficient as a scripting language, than LSL. But it needs to be remembered that for those few seconds, Mono stops sims while the sims catch up with everything Mono needs to do when crossing a sim border.

For instance, I used to have about four or so attachments, three of which had been recompiled to use Mono scripting. I have since dropped that to one, because I would enter a sim and would spend between ten and forty seconds frozen in place, unable to walk forward, move aside, or even fly. If I was the only one in the sim, that was daunting, but it resolved and life went on.

But imagine me with six friends, and we all have one attachment scripted for Mono. Six times that ten to forty seconds. Imagine me with sixteen friends, with Mono attachments. Sixteen times that ten to forty.

And what if it's a club that's running heavy scripting anyway? Sixteen people walk through those doors with Mono-scripted attachments, that sim dies. Maybe only for a few moments, but behavior is at a standstill.

Case in point: and I'm not claiming I was the only thing that caused this, but...I recently learned there was a menhir on Morgaine Ridge, pretty much directly behind the Dark Tower. Today I walked up there, spent some time with an antelope faun that's been eternally struggling up to the ridgeline, day after day. I decided I was ready to go back down and crossed the parcel barrier between common land and my parcel line in the process.

For a few instants--just a few instants--I stopped moving forward. But even more surprising, I watched two of the fauns just--float off, into space. One of them stopped on the Floating Mountain; I think the other left the grid entirely.

Did I do that, just on my own self? Likely not. Likely the sim was already having issues. But did I help, walking back onto my own parcel with my Mono-scripted attachment? No, because I always feel it, crossing into sims. It does slow things down, before it speeds things up.

When did "smexy" start as an expression? I get "pron/pr0n/prawn", I get "pwned", I don't understand when "smexy" became a thing.

Also, apropos of nothing in City of Villains, there is a blaxploitation supervillain named...Precious.

Yes, really.

She's got the ginormous afro and the disco halter, too. I think I lost braincells even typing these words.

I'll need a day or so to process things from the Ostara hunt, but I figure the next post will be on How to Hunt at FallnAngel Designs Successfully. Sounds like a sturdy topic.

Plus, it'll give me an excuse to go through the eggs I got quickly.


Magdalena Kamenev said...

Post pictures of Precious, please!

I just suggested an "urban exploitation" theme for the e'er-changing theme dance club I occasionally DJ for ... I'm thinking 2/3s blaxploitation (and parodies thereof), 1/3 Tarantino -- mostly because I thought it would be fun to play a lot of funk and 70s r&b and see how outrageous people could get with the hair and shoes.

Emilly Orr said...

I don't play the game, but my loves do--they say if they can track her down again, they will.

Apparently her full name is "Precious Jackson". Hee!