Wednesday, March 31, 2010

there's an awful lot of breathing room, but I can hardly move

Philip Pullman delivers one of the best statements on the rights of free speech I've ever heard. Like the book, don't like the book--the book is not the point. The point is, free speech means there will be things said that horrify you. That's allowed. There are things said that may hurt you. That's allowed. There are things said that you may feel the strong urge to stand up and say hurtful things on your own. THAT'S ALLOWED.

What isn't allowed is striking back physically. It is his right to say something you find shocking, or appalling, or even untrue--it is his right, and that right is absolute and defensible. You have the same right to say things he, or anyone else, might find shocking, or appalling, or even feel are untrue.

Free speech is only free if we protect those we don't like, saying things, as well as those we do. Free speech means life gets uncomfortable on occasion. Free speech means standing up occasionally for what you don't believe in, and trusting in the system to stand up for you when people don't believe you in return.

That's the whole point.

Crap Mariner questions rebroadcast rights in SL. I know nothing about BOSL, or Radio Radio--apart from listening to Radio Radio, and they've got some good people, there.

I do know about Radio Riel.

Unless things have changed, I know Gabrielle Riel worked her ass off getting approval from individual artists--almost everything played on the Steampunk channel runs off individual-artist approval--as well as getting streaming rights from music sources like Magnatune, to whom--yes, really--fees are paid. With the help of Laird Brideswell, Elrik Merlin, Radio Riel managed to find a rights-protection radio service that acts as intercessor if they fall within their guidelines, which I know they work hard to do. I also know that at least until I left, if not after, Prim Minister Riel was working alongside music licensing advocates in England and America, and trying her very hardest to keep within compliance with existing rights and restrictions.

Now, is everything played at Radio Riel fully licensed to be rebroadcast? No, of course not. Not everything at Radio Radio is, either, and I'd be willing to go out on that limb and say the same thing for BOSL. But--as far as Radio Riel goes--everything that can be authorized usually has been, and much of what is played--at least for classical and 1800s-era music--on the main channel is either rights-granted or royalty-free.

Things might have changed since I left, yes. But when I was hosting there, I'd say the radio station went from 3% compliance to easily 87%, and they may be higher now.

And let's be fair, here--I understand the line of questioning, but RL radio stations don't run under 100% compliance, either, no matter how big they are. Generally the songs played, yes, absolutely (and in some cases, even then, most of the time), but some of the morning shows play fast and loose with the music and media clips they play.

Now zombies don't have to lurch alone--Zombie Harmony is here. (I adore how gender has no factor in finding other zombie singles.)

Miss Arwen Serpente of Arwen's Creations had an odd definition of "modest", I thought:

shopping,freebies,Free Woman,Gor,Second Life

I admit, I don't entirely get all the ins and outs of the Gorean subculture on SL, but if this is modest, what's flirtatious?

Still, some wonderful texturing on the outfit itself:

shopping,freebies,Free Woman,Gor,Second Life

And it comes with a scarf, shawl and veil.

shopping,freebies,Free Woman,Gor,Second Life

(Shawl and veil shown.)

She also offers a 'winter wear' version, as well:

shopping,freebies,Free Woman,Gor,Second Life

(Seen with scarf and veil.) And here's a close-up of the plain, nubbed winter fabric from the back:

shopping,freebies,Free Woman,Gor,Second Life

In fact, the entire thing didn't make sense to me until I saw the vendor above it and put two and two together:

shopping,freebies,Free Woman,Gor,Second Life

and realized the red plaid outfit is designed to be worn over the bodysuit.

shopping,freebies,Free Woman,Gor,Second Life

And a shot with self-fabric veil and shawl (the scarf, shawl, simple flats, and both 'summer' and 'winter' veils with the bodysuits are tintable by chat command), so you can see how they work together.

All are free at her main store currently (at the SLUrl above), for a limited time.

"Whether this technology can portray a virtual world, and perform all the calculations that are inherent in the MMO experience, isn’t important today. What is important is that the tech exists and that its baby steps are impressive."

Mr. Nix Sands is spearheading inquiries on the Steamlander forums, gathering data on names and desired intent, for a potential proposed group that would encompass all grid-dwellers of a historical bent. The era in question has been proposed as the 1800s, plus or minus a decade, so there's room for everything in there from the Old West to the very beginning of WWI. Or at least, what led to WWI.

Go there to cast your vote, toss in your name suggestions, and get involved in the discussion. I currently belong to two multi-groups, though they're both more geared for business owners (the Victorian Shopkeepers Association, and the United Fantasy Merchants). I like the concept. Will I be able to commit to being a part of such a group, especially if the traffic is as high as I think it will be? Time will tell, but it's not an impossibility.

My only fear is that the development and execution of a multi-sim, multi-era chat/notice/event listing group will result in people advertising things there, AND things in ISC, AND things in Winterfell, AND things in the Wulfenbach Consulate, AND things in Steelhead chat, AND things in Edison, AND things in New the same advertisement could potentially go out seven times. Making us all crazy.

Still, that's the morbid pessimist in me talking. I'm very comfortable with my morbid pessimism, we have tea frequently. Occasionally, we cuddle. But I may be wrong. The pale and nervous optimist in me hopes I am.

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