Friday, March 5, 2010

it's like a skydive or getting high, the kinda thing'll maybe kill you

According to Dusan Writer, we're all strapped in with no exit ramp, and ignition is go. I agree with a lot of points made in that blog. I'm also intrigued by the noted separation, yet again, between the world--and its culture--that the Lindens have built, and the Lindens' perception of that world. The two radically fail to match. And they've failed to match for a very long time.

Over on MMORPG, Jaime Skelton asks why are MMOs so boring these days? I think it's a less simple answer than she thinks, but it's a good article.

From the same blog, Stradden writes about how traditional single-hero storytelling is the problem with MMOs; I don't think he's right, but again, it's worth reading.

IBM is currently seeking artists in world. They're especially focused on large-scale or multi-prim works. Groups as well as individuals are encouraged to apply. They won't pay you a single Linden, but they will provide you with space, at no cost to you, for your two months in residency.

Texture projection, and shadow illumination, in SL--to Nine Inch Nails. Worth watching, as (if your graphics are high enough) you can do this now under the 2.0 viewer.

To that end, Gwyneth Llewelyn has a blog entry mentioning several ways to speed up texture loading in 2.0--if you're using it, that link is going to be HANDY to keep around.

Lastly, we are nearing that magical time, when the world renews, the flowers bloom, the air is washed clean...and Cadbury Creme Eggs hit the stores. Here's the most inventive way to break one I've yet seen.

Back to hunting and pondering SLife after 2.0.

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