Saturday, March 20, 2010

in a churchyard near the canyon, where the myrtle doth entwine

Currently, The Secret Shelf is doing a very amusing camping thing. Fifteen minutes gets you a red silk Archivist outfit, with fourteen separate prim pieces, and some nicely shaded Linden layers.

Second Life,silks,fashion

(Just a note--PhotoBucket, before I published this image, removed it from my stored files on the grounds that it went against their terms of service. She is fully clothed; there is no showing of female genitalia or secondary sexual attributes. So what the hell is their problem?)

Of course, to camp, you'll need to take the teleport up from the main store...and dance on the bar on the roof.

And by "dance", I mean...

Photobucket On the bar.

Though I did have fun waiting out my fifteen minutes.

Second Life,silks,fashion

More perspectives on alpha-mesh blocking: Fawkes decided to dance for the outfit, and we're going to start seeing a lot of different techniques on how to block avatars effectively. Boxed Heroes, for instance, chose to block everything, and build their robotic avatar on a base of total invsibility. This does create some good effects, when the robot is standing.


But when the robot is not? She is completely detached from upper and lower halves. We don't see it when she's moving like a normal avatar, but when she's in animations designed to rotate with a common spine--and she doesn't have one--it gets seriously freaky.

Antigrav robots! What else could be done? Separate slices of avatars that move as one unit? Floating balls that just outline the basic shape? Half-woman, half-prim skeleton? With some creativity, the world could get very, very surreal.

MMORPG article on selfishness in MMOs--What's Mine Isn't Yours deplores the tendency of every player for themselves, but it again does bring me up. I haven't played in a ton of MMOs, true, but at least in Runes, the call is always going out for X big bad, and groups come in, and form up as one temporary cohesive unit. If it's something really big, raiding parties, each moving as their own unit. And loot is distributed.

And, at least in Runes, if someone swans in at the last moment to kill something a raiding party is trying for? There's at least temporary censure--and not from the GMs, from the other players. Does this not happen in other MMOs?

Netflix confusion

Sometimes, Netflix baffles the hell out of me. I know why a lot of the oddity is--the lady wife, Miss Neome and I are sharing an account now, and the recommendations get abstruse and bizarre at times--but this was a first.

"We figure you like that movie. Therefore, based on our sophisticated scientific movie algorithms, we are predicting you will like...that movie again. Right? Right?"

I'm used to them being off, especially trying to predict amongst the various likes and dislikes of three people, but I do believe this is the first time I've ever been recommended a movie...because I liked that movie.

In other meanderings...

"Humankind has been entrusted with power, but if we abuse that power to do away with things that we do not like, then we will give birth to a sterilized society."

Do I agree with everything that Japan puts out for manga and anime? No. Do I agree that it's the right and responsibility of a free society to keep information unfettered and ideas unrepressed? Yes, whether I like it or not. Yes, or we have no freedom. Yes or we die as an open civilization.

In art news, a very different form of acrylic body painting. And yes, you are seeing that right--making real people into acrylic paintings. Just amazing, amazing photographs.

Run! It's...oh, wait, he looks sleepy.

Cthulhu seen at ReTox. ReTox, for their part in the Twisted hunt, did not have decoys, but did hide it under a surface. Clever? Possibly. Hard to find? Definitely.

Here's my thing. I appreciate a challenge. But if it's to the point where I'd rather take a fork and remove my eyes, than hunt any longer? It is no longer fun. It doesn't matter how, if I knew that the sim owner's mother's name backwards is the name of the sim, and if I knew that, I'd be agog at the cleverness when I discover the hunt prize at the exact coordinates that reflect her birthday...I don't care. I really don't. It's a grid-wide hunt, I don't have eight hours of my day to spend in three stores hunting this thing down. Not cool.

Some peoples' children.

Snow Bound not only loses points for having a particle puzzle-box poofer, but for hiding the puzzle-box prim inside another prim, making it incredibly difficult to cam in and actually access to buy the damned thing. This? Is unfair in the extreme and makes the hunt suck.


In radically different news, Adoration Home (another stop on the Twisted hunt) has the single scariest freebie I've seen on the grid yet--a prim baby fatpack, just chock-full of prim babies in various shades, fur patterns, pallor, and the like for you do people do with prim babies, anyway? Cuddle them? Stare at them fitfully, wondering if they're going to move in the dead of night to tear out an avatar's throat, splashing the bedroom walls with blood? Coo at them in babytalk?

Above is one of the neko babies, complete with tail, ears, whiskers and tiger-stripes.


She made them out of a genuine desire to help mothers on the grid: I can't necessarily disparage that. And the hands are intricately detailed. And it is an animated cuddle with the babe-in-arms.

Above is the vampire babe in red silk; there's also an option for vampire, complete with wee fangs, in white silk, and black silk-that-looks-like-sweater-fabric.


There are neko, elf, demon, Drow, Vulcan, goblin/Orc, vampire, Lycan, and several shades of "normal" babies included in the pack.

This is one of the elven babies. No, I don't know why the elf is in camo-leaf print.


Anyway, there it is, go get. It's also one big block of two floors of store, and while she's small, she's got some pretty design ideas.

(And this is the Orc. Um...Orcs have babies? I thought they sprang fully-grown from...whatever it is Orcs spring from.)

Also, when you touch them? They make baby noises.

*shrugs* Yeah, I don't have to get everything on the grid.


Sphynx Soleil said...

OTOH, I absolutely *love* Victor/Victoria, so I certainly would never object if it showed up in my recommended list multiple times. Down the line it could be 'Oh, hey, I haven't seen that in a while, and I got a couple hours to kill...'

I should see if we bought a copy, and if not, hunt one down.

Anyway... Is Photobucket perhaps going on the filename? Or do they have some algorithm that looks for light/dark patches in the image?

Prim babies...whoa...scary...

Emilly Orr said...

No, it hit me that way, too. "Why yes, I could see Victor/Victoria again!" Still amusing.

And I have no idea? Or maybe the description? Save that that one was "archivist1.jpg" and the small version was "archivist1_sm.jpg", and the description, I believe, was "Archivist silks". No clue what they're going on. Tempted to write and ask.

And there were more I didn't show--one more vampire, a Drow baby, two more elves, a Vulcan, a Lycan, and eleven different shades of neko. All of them clothed in two types, or unclothed, or all three. Just wild.

Fogwoman Gray said...

Honestly the only uses I have found for prim babies is to strike fear and loathing in the hearts of others. But maybe that is just me?
And if you do not yet have the latest Baby Shang, do IM me inworld...*evil cackle*

Emilly Orr said...

Fear and loathing works. Don't get me wrong, I get the whole concept--there is more than one midwife/duenna training group in SL, because you can learn things in a virtual world that you can't just from reading books; body memory is slower, but it does build up.

And I get that some women are so into being mommies RL they want to be baby factories here, too. Common human impulse, it's perfectly understandable.

It's just...prim babies. I get the RP angle, you want something to interact with...and I know not everyone (*cough*Mason*cough) can create their own alts for everything, but...I don't know. It's slightly creepy to me.

Maybe it's not even the whole prim infant thing, as much as it is the talking bellies thing. I think I'd be fine with pregnancy and spawn in SL if they didn't have talking bellies. Talking bellies makes me want to scream for an old priest and a young priest and start intoning Latin.

Get thee BEHIND me, green spam of evil!

inkyboy said...

Can these prim babies be successfully launched from a trebuchet?

Emilly Orr said...

*blinks, then cackles*

Do you know, I'm not sure?

Sphynx Soleil said...

Oooooooo *evil glint*

Rhianon Jameson said...

I'm not usually one to disparage other people's ideas of fun - well, publicly, at least - but the talking tummies does drive me nuts. If I were pregnant with a prim baby, I could talk all I want anyway - the "local" chat line is right there, or I could amuse myself by talking on one of the other thousands of channels if I didn't want those around me to check the state of my mental health. But to have the unborn things talk back? That's big-time crazy.

Now, I could see a pregnant avatar that occasionally vomits, or whose ankles swell up. But perhaps that's more realism than virtual mothers want.

A trebuchet? Hmm... Intruiging.

Emilly Orr said...


Hey, I figure someone in Caledon built an avatar trebuchet. It could take a full avatar, or a full-sized cow.

Babies're smaller.

Emilly Orr said...

Miss Jameson,

I think that's my big objection. If what you want is the experience of pregnancy, the, dare I say, roleplay of it, why not follow it out? Complain that your feet hurt, your back hurts, you want an ice cream, you're tired and need to sit down...See if there are any struggling-up-out-of-chairs animations. And there are more than a few places that sell pregnant shapes.

That would feel realistic to me. Green spam...that's just annoying.

Magdalena Kamenev said...

I know of an avatar trebuchet, but oddly enough, it's at an edu sim ... and was built by a non-affiliated shape-shifting Tiny. Raglan could not contain his lovable weirdness ...

Emilly Orr said...

The Shire proved too...dare I say...small?

It may be the same thing I'm remembering--the one that was used, oh, 2007? For the SLRFL Medieval Faire.