Friday, March 19, 2010

six little maidens he drowned there, by the lonely willow tree

Go here. Don't ask why. Just do it. DOOO IIIIIT.

Seriously, you need to see Kitteh, King of All Monsters! And Kitteh Tail Gunner! And...whatever else the mad lunatics there come up with over time. Go there; bookmark it; visit often.

Nobody wants to be the janitor on the Death Star. I'd argue "Why not?", but then, I'm odd. For most people this rings true. (I think it's just me, J. Michael Strazinsky and the fellow behind Nondrick, honestly, who don't mind playing janitors/peasants/passersby.) Plus, I adore their pictorial definition of "awesome".

So, Runes of Magic is celebrating their first year of play! And wau, do they have things lined up--special events, special FaceBook giveaways, and of course, if you log in today, Friday, you get an amazing set of extras:

* 10 Golden Brilliance fireworks to set off
* 1 Mysterious Lucky Frog Egg, which will hatch into a pet which increases the number of drops for however long the pet lives
* 100 rubies, which can be exchanged for transformation potions, different kinds of fireworks, costume items, pets, and armor/weapon/character improvement items (these 100 rubies are shared per server, as with diamonds, so they're communal for all characters on that server, keep this in mind)
* and (for characters of level 20 or above) the RoM anniversary package, which when opened, will give characters one of these items:
* A snow ferret mount (permanent);
* 3 daily quest tickets (to reset my quests back to ten for the day; technically, I could go through forty quests in one day, which would likely push me at least one level at my level, or ten to fifteen levels below level twenty);
* 1 daily quest ticket;
* 1 Phoenix's Redemption potion (2 hour potion that prevents death from occurring, once, and restores health to full);
* 3 Star Jewels of the Holy Light (a jewel which raises weapon power all the time to +1, and gives a chance to move beyond +1, but will never fail and drop the raised weapon below +1);
* 3 Moon Jewels of the Holy Light (same thing, but for armor);
* 3 Sun Jewels of the Holy Light (same thing but for talismans, earrings and necklaces);
* 5 Home-Sweet-Home runes (a rune which, when activated, takes you into and out of your house again, whether you're near a town or not);
* 5 bottles of marking ink (ink which allows you to "mark" a section of the map magically so that using a transport rune will bring you right there--basically a way to 'landmark' favorite places);
* OR 5 transport runes (that, when used in conjunction with a marked location, take you right there)
Wau. Happy first year, Runes! And thanks!

(There's a couple other entries I need to get out, but this one's already lost a day because PhotoBucket is having server issues uploading pics. So I'm getting it out now, for any Runes players, in the hopes that the Friday celebration extends by just a little.)

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