Wednesday, March 17, 2010

steal flamingos and gnomes from the dark side of the lawn

I am adoring the Uncyclopedia today. Here, from their entry on Gaelic as a language:
However, the language is also very succinct, with a skilled Gaelic speaker able to convey a whole paragraph of meaning in a single syllable. For example, the word "Sasannach," which means "Damn it, I knew you were a pompous, ENGLISH pig idiot and a culturally inept imperialistic son-of-a-bitch, but why the hell did you have to come over here to DUBLIN for your vacation?"
It's patently offensive, but insanely amusing in spots.

This springs from a conversation held with Miss Neome this morning:

Neome: Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam.

Níl aon bhrí sin Fadhb Mhór ... Ní féidir é a réiteach leis an iarratas oiriúnach Of Explosives Ardionadaí

She wanted me to translate these. Latin and Gaelic are both languages leaving me due to non-reinforcement. I keep telling myself I need to do better and go back to learning.

I said the same thing about Russian, too, and I have the same one-tenth grasp of it I had five years ago.

me: The first, loosely translated: "I have a catapult. Give me all your cash, or I will fling a big rock at your head."
It's closer to 'give me all your possessions'. And it might be 'immense rock', or 'immense stone'.
Neome: Heheh

This took me a while, I'd admit. Gaelic translation sites contradict each other, and often. I remain convinced this is by intent.

me: "Nil aon" = "There is no/There's no"
working on the rest

Another possible translation was "It is not" but I don't think that would capture the spirit of things.

bhrí sin = accordingly/briefly/consequently? Maybe consequences?
me: facepalms
There is no personal problem that cannot be solved with a suitable amount of high explosives.
Bet me.

It seems plausible, as well as groan-worthy.

me: Btw, that can be converted into hobbling Gaelge with this:
pléascáin = prepared explosivies
áirgí piriteicniúla = pyrotechnic products
lots of = cuid mhór;
lots of = raidhse;
cuid mhaith = a considerable amount

All courtesy of the IRA; Gaelic as a whole had no need to describe explosions, detonations, and bombs before then.

But my Gaelic is woefully slipping away, at speed. Tch. S'pose I should be grateful; I mean, I learned a variant on a dialect of Scots Gaelic to begin with, and all of my familiarity came before I was seven. Then my family moved away from the native speakers.

Seen at Sascha's Designs:

shopping,Second Life

*cackles like a mad fiend*

Oh, that's beautiful. Hear, hear.

(Larger image is because I still had 'Show HUDs' ticked in the image board. )

In other news, Cool Viewer is now enabled with the alpha mesh and tattoo layers, on the 1.23 engine. It's surprisingly stable, all things considered. And I can finally see what all the fuss is about:

shopping,Second Life

This is not the best pic, but we were porting about place to place--there was a special on androids, in five colors, male and female, in the Boxed Heroes group. (If you were in the group, you got them for free. If you weren't, but just joined the group because of the nifty gift? They charged you L$250. I paid them, figuring that first, they're really amazing, even more amazing to get five for L$50 a pop, and second, considering all the brouhaha I put them through with the Step Up posts, they deserve at least that much, plus encouragement when they put out amazing, original work. Which these robots are.) Fawkes is wearing one of them, in the Blue tone.

Thing is, they're moddable, so, just toying with the concept, he changed the hair, the back of the head, the front of the head, added glowing joints...and removed one arm entirely. And here's what the picture may not, in fact, tell you: how amazingly cool it is to rotate around his avatar, not seeing an arm.

That shot? Captured while Mr. Allen stood against a backdrop of alpha textured shields. This, normally, should have outlined the missing arm in blocks of invisi-prim. At the best, the arm would have been 'visible' but outlined; at the worst, depending on the maker of the avatar, the prim would have been a series of background-colored blocks with a missing core of invisibility.

On the grid, post-alpha mesh reduction? The arm is gone. Like, not there. Like, no invisible reflection. No alpha battles. No alpha instability, even, because it really isn't there.

I have yet to play with the tattoo layers, but I am officially wowed. The 2.0 viewer features, in 1.0 structures, my brain can cope with. I am very happy with alpha reduction.

Finally--this is a short entry, but I kept getting interrupted to cook colcannon and help with fadge--there used to be a pose store called Artistic Taxidermy on the grid. Sadly, it's gone now (though I like to think I helped it struggle along by buying a few poses, now and again), but Pididdle--owned by the same woman who started Artistic Taxidermy--now has a twenty-pack set of the Taxidermy poses available as a freebie in her shop.

Go get them. They're cute. They're intended for photos, so are static, but as photo poses? They are marvelously fun.


Rhianon Jameson said...

Okay, having blown it the last time I thought I got a title right, I'm a little cautious going forward, but this time I have the evidence on my iPod, along with the rest of "No, Virginia." :)

Emilly Orr said...

Really? I'll have to check the lyrics. I thought this was from "Night Reconnaissance" by the Dresden Dolls. :)

Emilly Orr said...

And Fawkes Allen to the rescue, who says that "No, Virginia" is the name of the album!

See, this one's my fault--I found that a few years back, posted to Automatic Joy; I'm still working on filling in the gaps in my Dresden album collection.

Rhianon Jameson said...

Gah! My fault for being unclear. I come from the age of the Album, and I've never abandoned the concept, even though I hardly ever listen to the actual disc (save in the car, but even then I could easily burn my own). Although I'll occasionally use a playlist on my iPod or on the PC, I'm so ingrained in the album concept that I just copy entire albums over. Then I sit through the lousy songs, when I could easily hit the "forward" button.

Consider it a failing of mine. :)

Emilly Orr said...

And, weirdly, I date from the age of the Album (and I still adore those albums that have no lousy songs), but I function in the age of the single--or closer still, the random .mp3.

Hells, I sleep with my .mp3 player around my neck, and it is always on random--right now there are still Celtic songs in the mix, from people I know down to folks I've never heard of, plus Turkish and Egypitan belly-dance music, Poets of the Fall, Evanescence, Deb Talan, Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, Glee cast pieces, and a good full gig to gig and a half of artists I couldn't tell you the name of, because they went on the player and they never came out of random for long enough for me to clue in that I like the song.

I figure, I'm about to start in on another They Might Be Giants and/or Barenaked Ladies push, which--for whatever odd reason--coincides with spring.