Friday, November 27, 2009

the prettiest broken girl you've ever seen

Everything has a dark side, including the web. This is nothing new; "to modify Freenet," they say, "is to destroy Freenet." At what price freedom, after all?

Security insiders want to answer that question, by developing technologies that can monitor large networks instantly, and build up so-called "automatic dossiers" of information used to track 'potential threats' down. But who is a potential threat? Everyone, it seems.

I've been working on box art for shapes for someone else, and I forgot I still needed to do the one male shape. Without thinking, I shifted shape, and I was oddly struck by something:

photography,second life

He's not bad in full Geisha makeup.

photography,second life

And he doesn't do badly with the hair and outfit, either. Huh.

Finally, the tenta-coos are released in Black Sands! What are they? Adorably twee Lovecraftian horrors to cuddle. I'm not kidding, one has wee little tentacles and a pacifier! They float behind you, endlessly curious, or you can cuddle them if you really want.

Cutest. Eldritch. Terrors. EVER.

Club "Forbitten" is hiring--they're apparently seeking hosts, bartenders, "Blood dancers" and "Exotic dancers"--I wonder what the difference is. They left an ad on the forums:

About The Club:

Forbitten is a brand new, innovative, different club opening in the heart of The Domain, VITAE RP area. It's inner workings are much like a real life club, because of this our staff has special requirements. Some requirements are negotiable, others are not.

Hmm. If roleplay is my job, am I still banned from roleplay?

1. You MUST be a roleplayer. (Vampire/Werewolf/human/hybrid preferred)

I can do that. Probably can't be a full 'shifter, but I could pull a vamp, I have the skins for it. I don't want to touch them if they have Bloodlines in their sim, but...

2. If you agree to working a shift, you will show up for it. If you CANNOT make it you will let staff know.

Standard. They want people to let them know at least twelve hours in advance, preferably twenty-four, so fine, that works.

3. Absolutely NO out of character (ooc) drama is tolerated. Please leave it at the door.

I understand the breakdown between in character and out of character, thanks. But just OOC drama alone, or OOC anything?

4. Your account must be over 4 weeks old.

Yeah, I got this. I think a 2006 decant date qualifies.

5. You MUST be able to read, write, and understand English.

I got this, too.

6. HAVE FUN!!!

-=- We want the staff of Forbitten to be happy people, at least about working here. If you have any concerns, issues, or otherwise at anytime, please write a note card and send it immediately to Elskede Paine (Owner) AND the manager. No concern or issue is unimportant.

Which is neat to hear, but wau. No concern is unimportant? And I still don't know the difference between "Blood dancers" and "Exotic dancers". Guess I should go find out.


Icterus Dagger said...

Hey, he DOES look pretty good, doesn't he?

Thanks for doing the shapes, Miss Emilly. They're out at the Oxbridge freebie area now. I am going to put them out at Victoria City and wherever else is allowed.


Emilly Orr said...


I tried really hard to keep poses and underthings PG. :) I had a LOT more options...if it wasn't strictly PG, which I knew Oxbridge was.

But yay!