Friday, November 20, 2009

I've lost love, lived with shame, I was humbled by my fall from grace

"No person should have that many zippers...I don't care what fantasy it is." Very funny, and kudos to the Lyonesse, Kamilah Hauptmann, for finding it.

Also, Revenge Gears has a new video out. It's akin to listening to a soloist in Bedlam. I'm not recommending it, for anyone who doesn't want to experience the further descent, but I'm linking it because she makes an unsettling point.

The doctor, wants a piece of me, me and
The doctor wants a piece of you, too...


Now we have someone keeping a running tally of Evony ads as they, also, slide downhill. Interestingly, the one I liked a couple days ago isn't there. I may have to dig it up and toss it into the comments.

Courtesy of Mal Burns, a tour briefing for SLENZ, SL's virtual midwifery training group, turns into a "What Not to Do with Tour Groups" experience. Okay, so it didn't go as well as planned, but the virtue of such things must be the tips to avoid such things in future. Which this article details excellently.

And Jeansuis Short is selling stolen items on XStreet. This is not unusual save for a few factors:

1. He's instantly muting anyone who contacts him regarding the stolen textures.
2. Having been a resident since late October, 2007, he's old enough to know better; even though his profile still reads like a who's who of free sex palaces and Zyngo parlors, he's been on the grid over two years, which is more than enough time to get the idea that ripping textures is wrong;
3. He's selling the ripped textures no-transfer, rendering them useless for builds.

Part of the conversation held with Happyholly Grigges, owner of Fairy Unique Designs, one of the makers Jeansuis Short is ripping off by this:

[20:03] Happyholly Grigges: Emilly, can I ask a question. Was the textures full perm when you got them?
[20:03] Emilly Orr: No. Copy/mod/notrans. Seems everything he's selling is no transfer.
[20:05] Happyholly Grigges: Oay, thanks for letting me know. :) Apparently that is what they told the other texture artist is how they feel they can sell them and get away with it. *shakes head*

So...he thinks he's in the right...because he's changing the permissions to make them unusable by it's okay to resell things that aren't yours?

Man. People are unrelentingly stupid. More than that, I'm starting to consider stopping my habit of boxing up one-offs my inventory is too crowded for, and selling them--I might as well just delete them, or give them away, anything else and I might be tagged as a copybotter. That's the last thing I need!

We start today with Meta-Life, a very basic system with lots of clean, crisp, we've-taken-a-great-many-graphic-arts-classes logos. It sets up incredibly fast if you're in world; just go to the SLUrl, touch one sign near the entrance to register, then touch a box near the middle of the platform to get the vendor box itself.

During this entire process, I found out that--for at least some of my vendor shots--it is true what some have said about the Labs--for whatever reason, the Labs tends towards forgetfulness for any image older than one year. What perplexes me about this is that I had to take new product shots for my Bloodscratch dress--seen below--but that the pictures I have stored from 2006, as pictures, seem fine. So whatever it is that happens, it's alarmingly selective.

So...okay. I have been insanely busy all day; so...I'll do follow-ups on Metaverse, MetaLife and Apez tomorrow, hopefully. Because I have to recreate box art in order to list anything, and....why do I have to do this? Why do I have to pay twice for the same box art?

Well, because I was stupid and threw away the original box art on my comp,! That's still stupid--why does the asset server discard content randomly at all?!?

Cariama lost me as a customer nearly immediately, and yes, I know it's me playing the elitist card of literacy, here, but--come on, now:

second life,shopping

No. Just no. Not until they correct that glaring mistake.


And so far, that's all we've found.

Creatures of the Night were for so long, so recently, deliciously terrifying...Somehow, you wandered out, alone, into tonight's chill woods. You know the dim light you hold will soon fade, your thin slippers tear, but still you walk on, the layers of fallen branch a snapping scaffolding for your nightmare, the thin cloth across your shoulder a mantle for your shivering, rain-drenched dream. The light flickers and falters, a candle-sputter away from enveloping blackness...and just as the light finally fades, it dances, green and cold, in her eyes. As her night wraps you up, you know you are lost, forever.

Lady Darkling returns. She may not be back in the world, but she has found her poetry again.


Mako Magellan said...

It looks like Mr Short has taken down whatever he had on Xstreet. Seems a few thousand other items have disappeared in the last 36 hours, too!

Kay Noble said...

"No. Just no. Not until they correct that glaring mistake."

Thank you for the correction. Mistake corrected, now waiting for your registration (or if you have found other "glaring mistakes").

Emilly Orr said...

Mr. Magellan,

There's both good and bad sides in this. Good that Short and perhaps other resellers/product lifters got erased; bad that likely many honest and good merchants left, because of the coming price hikes.

Well, the Lindens wanted less product on XStreet, now they've got it...

Mr. Noble,

I admit, I felt a pang of sheepishness--I still manage to forget, somehow, people read this thing...until I further explored the service.

No other glaring mistakes, but--only one test product? More "coming soon" placeholders than merchants listed? The site hasn't even launched yet??

Should I come back on December 1st and register, then? As opposed to figuring out your system now?

kay noble said...

Indeed, the service is not launched yet.
However, pre-registration is proposed and news are published as "troubleshooting" progresses.
I have taken into account that you would like to have the possibility to add several products in a template way: a copy of an existing product for the creation of a new one.
I will let you know when it is officially launched.

Emilly Orr said...

Mr. Noble,

Templates are useful to some, I tend to only use them occasionally; but the option would be wonderful.

The ability to set permissions for items--especially if the delivery box's permissions are different--is also really good.