Monday, November 2, 2009

I need a summer like a winter in my heart

It really is true--develop any new technology, someone will figure out how to play D&D on it. (Tip of the hat to Lord Bardhaven, who found it first.)

And China bans World of Warcraft from its shores--only three months after a Chinese ministry approved it for in-country play.

Also, if you have used, are using, or ever intend to use, any form of text-based communication...MEMORIZE THIS LINK. I swear, it's very nearly my biggest pet peeve in world. Even just one rule from that page--the rule that states, if you are in doubt on whether or not to use an apostrophe, to sound out "it is" for "its"/"it's" in your head, and determine which contraction you need--that would be INVALUABLE for people.

Seriously. (Though if you're using the possessive form, and you sound out "it is" for "its", and you get "it is ball" or "it is chainsaw" for "its ball" and "its chainsaw"...and you don't know how wrong that is? And you still want to make that possessive form "it's" instead of "its"? You have bigger problems.)

I admit, I was still in the haunted mood, so I went romping to see what haunted houses were left. Apparently, the Seattle sim had a haunted house they advertised as THE BEST IN SL. (Yes, just like that, all caps.)

second life,haunted houses

I'm reasonably convinced they're wrong; but also, I don't have a lot of options. So off I went.

second life,haunted houses

The sounds were overly loud, and there's some alpha glitching, but honestly, it could have been far worse. I'll even go one better and say their mix of haunted house tram ride, oversize haunts, and the Grimworx familiars paired with new images hidden around every corner made this honestly enjoyable.

second life,haunted houses

An interesting, yet extremely simple technique, I found very effective. (It took a bit to capture one in the process of activating, as it were.) Instead of a script that changes the prim from invisible to visible, the overlarge images on the prims would fold up from flat under the house, and the tram would stop there, trapping us momentarily with each image. Surprisingly effective, as I said.

second life,haunted houses

My only cautions: don't go in if you have epilepsy (lots of flashing lights), and don't go in if you have a phobia of clowns (lots of clowns). Other than that, press the button, strap in, go into Mouselook and enjoy the ride!

For as long as it lasts. After all, it is November now...


Rhianon Jameson said...

Hooray for Miss Orr! The its/it's error irritates me no end, in part because it's so distracting to read and in part because it's so easy to figure out. I'm convinced that some writers have no idea which to use, and simply randomize. Others are more consistently wrong.

One would like to think that people are just as careful in writing for blogs or other online ephemera that will, thanks to archiving, live forever as they would be in writing for print, but many are more willing to write in haste and not proofread online sentences. I'm certainly guilty of that. What really infuriates me is when professional magazines don't handle its/it's correctly. Serial offenders include Scotland and Whisky (run by the same people, so I only count them once and Stylus, a magazine for pen enthusiasts. One would think that the writers would take some care, knowing that their readership might be more picky on this issue than those wanting to know, say, what Robert Pattison is up to this week, but nooooo.

Emilly Orr said...

...and Stylus, a magazine for pen enthusiasts.

This was just stunning to the frontal lobes. A magazine devoted to the (slowly moving towards) lost art of handwriting, which generally bespeaks some token of extra education--or at least, a love of writing implements, which I'm assuming would include the use of same--and they make this sort of mistake.

That's just so wrong.