Monday, November 9, 2009

funny, how it seems that all I've tried to do, seemed to make no difference to you at all

Yesterday's post garnered a mention on the Zindra Times; I'm always happy to be mentioned, but now I'm wondering--because the extreme drop in profits? Has been going on for months in Zindra.

This is old news. Even the mention of adult content makers returning to the mainland is old news.

But then, maybe I shouldn't be surprised. Likely anyone who's noticed a drop in sales either thinks it's them (which is usually not the case), or talks to Support about it--and anything from the Labs about Zindra is probably "Oh, you'll be fine, it's a momentary spike, everyone's picking up on sales. You will too."


Jason Calacanis figures out how to kill Google. I don't personally think it would kill them, outright, but injure them? Likely. Would major media companies go for it, now that Google has become a verb? Who knows?

From the same fellow: "You don't make a revolutionary product by trying to beat a competitor who's an incumbent. You make a revolutionary product by looking three steps ahead, and saying, let's get to that place, and get to that place before that person even knows that that place exists." It's a very good point.

Some very random images from some very random places.

second life,haunted houses

(The view of the Motherfunkin' Haunted Maze as a whole, set within a megaprim Hellraiser cube. Damn, I wish I'd known that beforehand.)

second life,shopping

(An odd view of my avatar at DV8; the face, no matter where I turned, was this odd blackened tone. Something about their lights, that evening, or Snowglobe's responsiveness, or my own computer's oddity? Who knows? Has this happened to anyone else?)

second life,shopping

(During a hunt at Dare Designs, in one of the farther chambers, I found a float tube with an animation ball. It took a bit to cam in there, but once I had, I found myself floating and spinning in a frosted glass tube. Neat.)

second life,scavenger hunts

(Now that Octoberville is over for the year, I can start filtering through the images I captured there. This was a stroke of odd luck--the black box wherein the three colored keys were found disappeared as I was taking the picture, I paused to refresh when the box--invisible, but with the keys glowing--moved elsewhere on the sim, and snapped it then. It made a very ethereal image.)

Octoberville,second life,scavenger hunts

(There were seven ghosts in Octoberville this year, named after the seven deadly sins. This was Wrath's room, a room of blood and red rage, weeping and screaming. Daunting effect.)

shopping,second life

(This is Serenity Semple, post-Uchi avatar head mod. She used to be your fairly standard purple-haired bright-eyed white fluffy winged kitten (*snerks*), but Uchi Desmoulins (Desmoulins? The same av behind the Felis av of song and story) put out a cat avatar, and she extensively modded the head, then adapted bits and pieces of both avatars into a slimmer, more realistically anime-style fur.

(The bigger picture leads you to one of the cutest Serenity moments EVER. Even surpassing some of the images seen on her blog. )

shopping,second life

(Sometimes, sims are very cool before things rez in. This is Le Petit Prince at sunset.)

second life,Octoberville,scavenger hunts

(At one point during the festivities the Octoberville sim drowned. It was very, very odd to wander the expected halls and tunnels, past the burning cabins, into the haunted house....all drifting and blue, murky and underwater. It was very surreal.)

Octoberville,second life,scavenger hunts

(Another shot, higher in Octoberville--the only place, in fact, that remained mostly dry: the Pumpkin patch, the carnival tents, and most of the Pumpkin House.)

Octoberville,second life,scavenger hunts

(And have I mentioned we got on the wall on Octoberville, again, this year? I think the count stopped--due to lag and other issues, several days past October 31st--at #200.)

"When islands in Second Life sink, they don't even leave stones." (Crap Mariner)

Repo in Second Life is gone, temporarily or permanently--the sim that Falln designer Azriel Demain designed, the labor of love for all involved, has sunk with barely a whisper beneath the virtual waves.

I have pictures. I'm just not ready to deal with all of that, just yet. I'm still saddened from the loss.


Mister Crap said...

I've pondered that quote, and it needs revision:

"When islands sink, the ocean doesn't even ripple."


Rhianon Jameson said...

You and Mr. Allen must have been burning the midnight oil, the morning kerosene, the mid-day whale oil, and the twilight natural gas to have finished Octoberville, much less that soon. I don't know whether to congratulate you two or have you committed.

Emilly Orr said...


Somehow, the revision doesn't make it better. Nothing's left when a sim leaves; and what's worse, most of the world doesn't even notice.

Miss Jameson,

We tend to be rather...obsessed at times. I'd say we easily put in four hours a night, six to eight some nights, for seven? Eight days? Something like that.

It was very challenging this year; last year took fifteen hours and three days (and...yeah, that was five-hour sessions).

Both sentiments might apply. :)