Sunday, November 22, 2009

follow your dreams in through every out-door, it seems that's what we're here for

In the advent of Twilight: New Moon hitting record weekend sales after release...How Twilight should have ended.

[16:22] Catrina Meili: Someone purchased an item from a seller, and that item doesn't work... they contacted the seller back and were told that their computer is too laggy to use the item, to go buy another computer
[16:23] Catrina Meili: and no refund or fix for the problem was given so now they've paid money for an item that doesnt work
[16:23] Larrissa Ninetails: wow what a charmer
[16:23] Catrina Meili: when the buyer continued to complain they were told they are going to be reported for harrassment
[16:23] Emilly Orr shakes her head. No doubt.
[16:23] Catrina Meili: Any idea on a course of action here?

This seems to be happening more often. Is it just the sudden anticipation of changes on XStreet, or are people just generally getting angrier in Second Life?

All right, so three products are now on Apez; two gowns in the Gothic Splendor collection, and one gown in the Neo-Victorian collection. (Though to be truthful, the Gothic Splendor collection will likely contain more items as I go.) remains difficult to work with, and impossible to figure out where one is categorizing products; to date it is my absolute least favorite. If it weren't that I were staying off XStreet for agonizingly good reason, I would resume service there in a heartbeat to get away from having to use Slapt.

That being said, the Rapture's End dress is listed there, as well, along with the remade Bloodscratch dress and the Bloody Carni dress.

And I have a meta-LIFE box, which is still, for some reason, insisting on uploads of the in-world inventory UUIDs for the product texture; a practice which will slow down their speed considerably, but not only that, I can find no information about how to set up a "warehouse" so I can upload textures and images to that location. What in the hell? Talk about making it difficult for merchants.

All that being said, you can also find all three dresses there, currently, whether your desire is carnival stripes, psychopathic Lolita, or neo-Victorian plaid.

And we'll see how it goes.

As far as other merchanting news, Miss Ghanie Lane is holding a little poll:

In light of the recent Xstreet developments, this sale will be hosted at all sites I was able to register for and will also be extended an extra day (sorry, I could not get a box for one of the locations so they have to be left out of this poll). I am including my shop in case you would prefer to buy in world.

I will start hosting my discount sales at the location that receives the most purchases.

If you would like to vote for a site but do not wish to buy this set, drop a notecard in the white email box at the entrance (next to the pink balloon photo) ... please note that votes will only be counted from past buyers (in the hopes of avoiding alt-voting). I will post a tally of the results after the sale ends. Thanks in advance for your help on this matter.

She's hosting the poll based on sales at Apez, her in-world store in Lithe, meta-LIFE, MVX (which I'm still struggling to figure out), and, of course, XStreetSL.

The sale ends Tuesday, November 24th, at five pm SLT; after that the item reverts to full price and she begins totalling votes.

I bought the set on Apez. It seems to be the least annoying, if not precisely the best, or easiest, choice.

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