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they control us, they console us, why do all these places hold us?

And back in, dear gods, again, back in....Nicolette Lefevre has a very intriguing point:

It's the server that sends informations about prims to the client, so it is not the client which decides what it shows to the user, but the server which decides which information to send to the client.

Scenario: A user who has selected NOT to view adult content enters (or is near) a sim with such content. The server then only sends the terrain-data to the user's client. No prims, no sound, no chat emenating from that adult-sim will ever be sent to the user's client. So the user will not see, hear or read anything from that sim, thus sparing him/her from this "horrible" experience :-)

That user can freely enter that sim though. Walk around, fly around. He/she doesn't even collide with objects there. The server acts to the user as if the sim were completely empty. That user can do everything that he wants, BUT: Nothing that this user does in that adult sim will be sent to the other users in that sim that DO want to see adult content. So the whole existence of that user in that sim is hidden to the people who allow adult-content. It will be handled by the server as if these two groups of people are in totally different universes. They can't see each other, they can't talk to each other.

All right. Set aside the potential creep factor of standing next to people you can't see, hear, or interact with in any way. Think of it from a technological standpoint. It can be done with current technology; it has been done in other games with current technology. It could be done, with some code revision, in Second Life.

If one is possessed of any level of charitable nature, one must assume that there is a certain degree of intelligence in the Labs. That, by and large, the Lindens are not stupid people. Surely, if they heard this idea, they would be able to understand and implement it, yes?

Problem solved?

Perhaps it's not intelligence that's lacking, how'ver: perhaps, after all, they're lacking common sense. In that instance...well, we're all screwed. So to speak.

From a conversation between samatha Congrejo and TLMars Bookmite:

Miss Mars spoke about Neptune Shelman:
But from what has been posted, I think Neptune is the lone voice on this thread of those that LL is attempting to provide that more "predictable experience" for. It doesn't seem to me to be about personal financial gain on Neptune's part.

samatha responded:
No we talked. Turns out he wants to get rid of an ugly sex club building near by. Not a problem with it being a sex club, just the building. Do you blame him.

This again is the Lindens. No building code, no regulations on much. The mainland is their baby and they just let it be a free for all mostly.

This came up earlier in a conversation with Mr. Allen. Many of us have been perusing potential dark conspiracies--the elimination of sexual content from SL; the advancement of teens walking the adult grid; clear preference shown for business over the private sector. What if it really is about none of those? Really, truly, it's just about the Lindens realizing how staggeringly they've cocked their own world up, and it's all about the real estate, and the virtual land bottom line?

Perceive: you are a business. Part of your business--part of the business which largely pays for the rest of your business--is to sell land. You have a large amount of land to sell, but for some mysterious reason known only to your therapist, you do not zone in the least.

Thus, commercial can function next to private, private can function next to X-rated, residence can abut rape den. No distinction. No differentiation.

It's one thing when a client buys land next to a strip club and begins to complain; they should have thought that out better, bought somewhere else. But what if one buys a lovely little meadow, overlooking the ocean, tree cover surrounding the back yard...and in a single weekend away, that lovely view is cut off and there's suddenly a glaringly pink and neon aqua glass-front monstrosity where, every fourteen seconds around the clock, something shouts in all caps to tip the dancers to see bare breasts, and starts advertising rates, and what those rates will buy?

And all that client wanted is a place to garden and relax of an evening! Is it really out of line for that client to complain?

And see, that I get, that I think anyone would get--but I'm sorry, that I lay squarely at the feet of the Lindens for not thinking this would be a problem years before now. And I don't mean in the sense of the typical grid four-hour day, I mean literally, they should have thought about this before starting to sell unzoned, unregulated land back in 2005!

Still, we are where we are, their abysmal shortsightedness is now revealed for the grid to see. Okay. How do we fix this?

And that is where they're about to make their second staggering error, because their fix? Let's move everything. Then no one will be unhappy!

Ten thousand unhappy people later...Do you think the Lindens are learning anything?

Rene Erlanger again:

Lastly you have to wonder why LL won't publish a message on the Login Screen with a link to the Blog that also contains foreign translated versions of the original......that way its entire community can read about the impending changes and make their own decisions.

What are they afraid of?

What indeed?

Kimberley Gravois weighed in near the end of page 72:

Hewwo evewybody! *waves*

My fiwst post here, so let me intwoduce myself. I am a *counts her fingers* five year old child avi in SL.

The only reason I mention this is because just a few minutes ago, while I was twying on a bunch of new dwesses I got, the sim i was on cwashed. When I logged back on, I was diverted to a welcome area full of newbies - completely nakie!

...and my brain fell out.

Okay, HOLD THE HELL UP. No. NO. I am sorry, you do not GET to comment about adult content on the forums if you're going to play it out as a GODDAMN FIVE YEAR OLD! Even Marianne McCann knows better than that!

Second point: Marianne McCann may be playing an "inner child" on SL, but she knows how to SPEAK properly. If there's one thing I cannot, absolutely cannot stand, is this affected idiotic infantile speech. When I was five I lisped, yes, so occasionally I threw dipthongs into words that did not previously possess them. But I have met no five year old yet that says "Hewwo", "twying", or gods help us all, "nakie".

Jesus. Get the hell off the adult content thread or speak like you've actually EVOLVED. NEXT.

Akira Luminos posted a very long reply which is worth reading on the degradation of the PG infohub in-world, but this was the part that leapt out at me:

Linden Lab, how are you planning to better manage the (Resident-driven) offence that new Residents may be experiencing at your own PG infohubs. And how do your changes to adult content in Mature land make any difference to what appears to be a major problem in 'adult-content-free' PG land (especially infohubs)? In my opinion, you should be looking at making the PG experience more 'predictable'.

Good question. Bet me no Linden answers it, either.

Selkit Diller has a pointed observation also:

Please refocus your efforts where they're needed, Linden. I have now directed two projects seeking a metaverse outside of Second Life, and will continue to build projects outside of Second Life for as long as you have your focus backwards. As a servant of the businesses and educators you claim asked for these changes, I can clearly tell you that these claims are bogus: They asked you for stability, not a PR-spinning moral crusade.

But of course, they didn't get it. Goes without saying, really. We'll move on.

spinster Voom has a great list of the pros and cons of the adult continent; rather than selecting out the whole thing, I'd say those of you with access should read it. (Though I may well reverse this and quote the entire thing tomorrow.) In the meantime, this was how she tied that post up:

And the "pros" ...

ummm .....

no, sorry, I really can't think of any.

LL, if it is AT ALL possible, please listen to the overwhelming message of these threads and rethink this hugely unpopular and unworkable policy. Many people have suggested more workable alternatives such as creating a voluntary PG continent instead.

Indeed, indeed. Couldn't have said it better myself.

And that brings us to the end of page 75. I'm beginning to give up on ever getting to the end of this, even knowing it's a closed thread...

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