Saturday, April 11, 2009

and what do you see within the water?

Nothing for it but I must admit ill planning on my part--I'll do the best I can on short notice, with more notice in world, but alas, I am dispossessed of all relevant information.

The lovely ladies who own New Boston Station are holding an Open House from four to eight pm, SLT, today--yes, you see, I meant to announce this yesterday. Alas.


Still and all, you're warmly invited to come see the changes in New Boston Station, and please note, they have a number of beautiful lots for sale. Half tier for the first month will apply to all new rentals, with all proceeds from tier payments going to the Alliance Virtual Library, with which the Caledon library system is capably affiliated.


The Open House will concur with a semi-formal dance to classical music spun by Jarl (and Radio Riel DJ) Otenth Paderborn from five to seven pm SLT. They invite all reading these words to come and wander, come and dance, come with your questions and your wide-open eyes, and help them celebrate.


It truly is a lovely sim, and so far, unless that's changed, it has the only library dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft on the grid. :)

And please, if you don't see this until later tonight, or days from now--you're still welcome to come in and wander. Miss Holly Chase and Miss Hypatia Dejavu are happy to answer all questions, or provide you with a lovely little spot on New Boston of your own.

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