Tuesday, April 21, 2009

leaves falling, red, yellow, brown, all look the same

(What I'm going to call the "And now for something completely different" series. Else I'll lose my wits wading through the adult content threads!)

Near as I can figure, it all starts here.

So, I had to get away from endless people saying endlessly similar things on the forum thread that was already locked away into frozen imperfection. I needed a break. I needed something completely different.

This was it.


(Instructions to read through, in a clear visible font.)

MadCow Cosmos has a new gig--transforming avatars into little...goblin...things. I have no idea what they are; he calls them goblins, at least.


(The 'test goblin' in the creation bubble.)

So off I went, trying to figure out the changes.


(Poring over all the options, deciding what would best suit...well, me.)

There are a lot of options--hat or no hat, blunt horns or curving ones, different arms, body, tail....nothing's set in stone until you click the "release valve" and receive the goblin folder.

Now it gets fun.


(The initial goblin...still pinkly unbaked.)

From here I went to the final station, to pick out the last options.


(The shiny, candylike button!)

Your options on this platform are: changing the color of your eyes; changing the color of your skin; then baking your skin in one of three separate ways. Just don't touch the big red button until you're sure you know what you want!


(Say cheese!)

And there we go--one fully baked, detailed, colored goblin, set forth to rampage across the grid!


(Grrrr! I haz a fierce!)


At any rate, start to finish, the transformation process is free. I couldn't even find a tip jar! I suppose you could just throw MadCow Cosmos Lindens and then scamper off, but who knows?

Go try it. At least, it's a very fun way to spend ten minutes, and the setting is, while mainland-eclectic, relatively free of poorly-built clutter. The only downside: being Cosmosian, he's primmed out the parcel nearly to its last ability to maintain. So lag? Is very high.

But have fun anyway. Then go terrorize the grid! GRRR!

[Editrix' note: I sit corrected again--off to the far left side of the Goblin Builder is a small tub that contains several discreet scrolling tiles wherein one can purchase things from Mr. Cosmos. So there's a direct way to give back, there.]


Darien Mason said...

Agh! It's the Grape Goblin! RUN!

Also, check out Madcow's Robot Maker in Kubrick. I hear he has an Alien builder as well, but I have yet to find it.

Emilly Orr said...

Hee! That sounds like a supervillain name.

Robot Maker? Interesting...