Sunday, April 26, 2009

quite the contribution to the unnatural selection

Kindred, long since home to scripted fangs, eyes, coffins, and other items essential to the nightwalkers among us, is having a ten Linden eye sale.


But not just any eyes--oh, no. All three of their scripted, multi-effect prim eyes are on sale. All the prim eye implants, that normally retail for L$150, are $L10 for today only.


And it gets better than that. The three base eye sets, that retail for L$599 each, are also L$10!


Remember: today only. So until midnight SLT, Sunday PST--ten Linden prim eyes with some really stupendous effects. Go get 'em!

In other news, another take on Egyptian godforms has surfaced on the grid:


These are not on sale, but for L$900, the list of options you get is staggering, simply staggering. It includes custom AO stands and holds for the staff, seven separate eyebrow expressions, a twitching tail, different eyelid positions, color-changing eyes, and four muzzle expressions--and that's just what I remember, there are more options listed!


The only real problem we noticed? Rakush Cheeky made one staff, with a black Anubis head, and then applied that staff to each and every avatar. We really would have liked to see the staff match the avatar, but still. It's a small quibble, and who knows--Rakush may be up for tinting to match!

Track down Tokushi Avatars to get your own, and keep in mind--there are three "normal" colors, and then an insane parade of pinks, purples, and greens. But who knows? Having a brilliant blue Anubis may appeal to someone--after all, that particular lapis shade of blue, with gold appointments, really lines up with traditional Egyptian color schemes.

In other news, antelope have been seen in Morgaine....sort of:

This one? I think is on the 'special' list. He kept trying to climb the mountain range that separates Morgaine from Caledon Wellsian...on his side. Little legs kicking off to the left as his right flank inched him up the mountain...

Personally? The focus disk for the dea--for, err, the, mm...Darkhouse structural relay, that's may be emitting some wildlife-deranging particles.

That's all I can figure. Because the other alternative? Is animals come onto my parcel of Morgaine and go craaaazy.

Which is, all things considered, not that flattering...

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