Wednesday, April 8, 2009

by grace, my sight grows stronger

Out wandering today, involved in some random egg hunt or other, I had to stop at Sassy Kitty Designs at the Lost Neko Beach. Fall Designs set it up, so it's your usual preponderance of broken metal, barbed wire, rust and big huge legwarmer boots.

This was yet again one of those "the hell?" moments.


I admit, some of the outfits on the other wall grabbed my attention briefly before I realized what I was looking at. I have a draw for flirtatious attire, I doubt this is a secret, even though some of the cropping on the crop tops pushed beyond the boundaries of much of my fetish wear. Then I wandered through torn bleached denims through trashed black denims and stopped dead at the short shorts.

What kills me? The notation. 2 shorts with and without thong.

Just imagine that outfit...without thong. I suppose I should expect these things now from Sassy Kitty, considering the low-low-low-no-we-really-mean-it low-rise jeans....but still.


In other news, Miss Allen's been mutating again. I must stop leaving her alone in the lab.

The dress and hat, by the way, are new offerings from Miss Straaf at Hatpins. Lovely lace trim, and she's designing a whole new line to complement her hats now.

Seen at Ova Hauled:


Hee! Also, how bad does it have to get before the maker will revise his system? (Well, "his" in that he bought the original design and perverted it beyond recognition, but hey.) These signs are spreading across the grid!

I hate to say it, especially considering the contention that unsecured accounts cause the problems of the grid, but Bloodlines as a concept went downhill the moment the basic system was set for free.

And lastly, for your edification, newb innovation:


It's not just a store box on the head anymore. I guess square prims are passé.

Now, because the wee blog has been enmired to its literary hipbones in SL-related sturm und drang, I want to pull back a bit and, if I haven't prior to this, tell you why you should spend Thursday evenings in Winterfell.

(Honestly, right now I can't remember if I've mentioned it or not.)

From five pm to seven pm (generally; sometimes we run long or stop early) SLT, Thursday evenings, there is a Poetry Slam at der Hut des Jaegers, a quaint little place I demi-manage near the docks.

(Yes, at this point, I say demi-manage--while I tell everyone I know about it and support it in other ways when I can, I'm just not there enough to fully manage. The real tragedy is to date, all the assistant managers I've hired who might be able to put more time in have all been suddenly afflicted in such a way as to prevent their assisting in managing! I'm beginning to think there's something in the air.)

At any rate, barring the weaponry, the Slams are relaxed and convivial; sometimes serious, sometimes manic, but always worthy of the time we spend in going. Reciting previously-published poems, well-known works, or original poems, haikus, what-have-you--we accept virtually anything, and we're always pleased to hear it.

About the weapons, yes--it's become something of a tradition to show appreciation by firing upon the poets and orators. It's all meant in good fun--we have literary guns that shoot a plethora of book stacks at our readers, and our listeners have brought in everything from trout guns to chicken and mimmoth cannons, with diversions here and there into pie hurlers and alligator pistols.

(While there is some push involved, especially with the stacks of books, in general we prefer temp-rezzing ammunition, nothing with push or lethal effects. Though as said, the books are efficient at relocating avatars. Occasionally through walls.)

Tomorrow's theme is "renewal". Dress is anything from Victorian to medieval. Mad science is frequently mentioned and mad scientists and mad science projects show up from time to time. And there is a preponderance of Jaegerkin, considering it's a Jagerkin pub.

Do come by; we'd be glad to see you. You're more than welcome.


Gematria said...

Oh dear...those eyes are frightening!

Mimmoth cannons, you say?

*puts away the job application*

Sphynx Soleil said...

Ooooo! Where was that sign? I have to see if I can get one. :)

Rhianon Jameson said...

I haven't encountered too many Bloodlines types asking to bite me (Lord, that sounds dirty!), and most have been polite enough to ask first, but...they don't seem to relish the idea of role-playing. My standard reply is something along the lines of, "Thank you, but I'd prefer to keep my blood circulating where God intended it," but I keep getting the SL equivalent of a blank stare.

Sphynx Soleil said...

Oh, now I see the region name. *Durrrr* Must not have been awake yet, yea, that's it... :)

Emilly Orr said...

Miss Gematria: She got better. And they are mimmoths, you know, nano-mammoths, small wee things...the firing seems to stun them and they wander off without causing too much havoc.

Sphynx: Yes, and yes, and likely; still and all, you could always go to the shop, pick up the designer's name, and ask for a copy. Or hells, make your own.

Miss Jameson: Oddly, the worst predation--and one that's now mentioned in the Terms of Service for their latest release--has been clueless vamps wandering around newcomer welcome areas, spamming requests to bite everyone new off the boat. I personally think that's a lousy way to welcome folks to the grid, which may be why that activity is banned now (at least officially).

And you know, that's my problem too? I wouldn't so much mind bite requests if even a half-hearted attempt to RP went with it!