Wednesday, April 22, 2009

breathe in, breathe out, there is no sound

keep me here, in this moment
hold me in this time
of drifting peace
every feeling, each emotion
the journey of a thousand small steps
and each one to your side.
I grow stronger in your hands, in this life
I live at a touch from you

such deep contentment, I have
so rarely known before
simple desert I, now soaking
in the rain you bring me
from the spring I thought
was blocked from flowing
deep contentment, peace, understanding, and
I am more than willing to travel
where you wish to take me

I almost never say never
I rarely say forever
and there may come times when
I will not do
will not say
will not understand
will not follow
every created thing
carries the seeds of its own destruction; from
the moment we are born, we
begin to die
these are known things
these are understood things
and yet.
and yet.

I cannot see me parting from you
I see no place on the road ahead
where I would willingly part from you
where I would choose to leave
the safety of your shadow

there is no letting go
I will hold you and be held
kiss you and be kissed
love you and be loved in return.
my hands will always reach for you, my
lips will always form your name
I am bound in your embrace and
warmed by your love

and I will not
I will not
I will not walk away.

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