Monday, June 30, 2008

questions of science, science and progress, do not speak as loud as my heart

Meet Colton the Copybot Linden. Who's he copying? AzA Zymurgy.

Is it just me? This hits me as weird. A Linden adores AzA's av so much he copies it nearly prim for prim?


Why not develop an original look?

Meanwhile, Winter Ventura has been struggling to get her girl-bot avatar up and running. (Apparently the girl-bot has been highly resistant.)

She's now running a poll so folks can help her narrow down a good price. If you have an SLUniverse account, go vote.

Even if you don't have an SLUniverse account, go look.

The rest of this is mostly scattershot images from SL5B.


Wandering through one of the nine-billion-stores together parcels--this one by KSG? KSB?--I came across this little boutique tucked into the corner. They had huge faceted gems pressed through their window-glass.

Now, for sculpts, the gems were very sharp and pointy, and seemed better suited to hurling towards enemies one wanted to slow down, than as decoration...but that being said, they were pretty.


Why some people should receive lessons in Glow. Yaaaagh.


I wish I knew who'd done this, it's on a parcel nearly directly behind Caledon's build. But it's truly amazing--a several-dozen-meters-high vibrantly colored moving sculpture, that eternally opens like a flower and closes again, fronds wafting gently in the virtual breeze.

Quite, quite lovely.

More if I go again.

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