Friday, June 6, 2008

let me show you the world in my eyes

It seems the residents of New Babbage have been coming down with some sort of airborne respiratory infection, and it seems to trace back to exhibition of a detached hand. I was asked if I knew anything it could have come from, that...hand...claw...whatever...and I couldn't think of anything, based on the one saved image. It bleeds red, thus it's iron-based...I think.

Beyond that, I don't know a thing.


In my wanderings last night, I saw one more thing. I am deeply and hopelessly smitten with this cypress tree. It is a gorgeous and amazing thing. I deeply crave one of my own.

I'm informed--by a highly trusted source--that Miss Hypatia Callisto is tending it, and may in fact be growing more for later sale. Gracious, I hope so.

Adored Clothing, while I'm mentioning sale, is having a Space Needle Hunt. There's fifty of the li'l things, and they look like this:


(Click for the larger image, so you can see how tiny they are.)

Actually, it's not so bad, I've gone on hunts with littler prizes. Bare Rose comes to mind...but the trick here is, fifty Space Needles. Across the entire Adored sim.


I may just have to wait, and hunt along with Mr. Allen and Miss Graves--elsewise, I might go stark raving in search of li'l metal needles.

(On the other hand, this is me we're talking about--not everyone can tell the difference between me, stable, and me, insane...)

In the meantime, long after he told me he'd created them, I finally got back over to ChemGnosis Gallery to view AzA Zymurgy's new eyes.

I shouldn't have gone, now, I'm thinking. I'm walking away with two pairs of eyes, I think, and one of Miss Lacey Martel's doll skins, and then, there's this:


Death. Ooh. She is lovely. I tested her earlier, so yes, I have the skin, but I'm now terribly tempted to buy the 'official' version, because it just might have that ankh choker...

ChemGnosis is worth a trip anyway, just to wander. The point of glow as an option (she says pedantically) is not to make everything shine with trembling febrile light; but to make things glow. And not everything, just the things you want.

AzA and Lacey? They know this. They've created a space that shimmers, that seems to radiate with its own low gleaming, the sort of Burtonesque landscape that spawned the Corpse Bride and Halloweentown. These are artists that really get the point of glow.


Take a trip out. You won't be sorry you did. And you could come home with nifty haunted toys.

If you're really lucky, you could meet the artists themselves. And that's where the real fun begins...

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