Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm frightened by what I see but somehow I know that there's much more to come

First off, some rare good news concerning SL5B: the picture of our Guvnah and Miss Rothschild has been cleared to be shown! Which is a relief and a genuine good thing. I'm glad someone saw even a limited amount of logic behind this.

Meanwhile, there seemed to be some odd controversy over on Miss Marianne McCann's blog, concerning a new British child pornography act. This was used as sort of a broadside strafing run on Miss McCann's journal, "informing" her that once the law went into effect, Linden Labs would be destroying all child avatars to comply.

I believe I can honestly state, with no moral qualms whatsoever, that this will not be happening.

Why? Because the act, the way it is written, explicitly limits actionable images to those showing young children engaged in sexual activities with adults, for the direct purpose of adult stimulation.

Second Life child avatars, in nearly every instance, are:

* not sexually active;
* especially not sexually active with adults;
* what's more, it would never occur to them to *be* sexually active;
* not involved in the creation of images portraying children and adults in a prurient and perverse fashion.

So the new British law? Won't harm a single virtual hair on their pixellated heads.

So much for that scare tactic. Next!

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