Tuesday, June 17, 2008

'cos I can't think of anything but getting tangled

I'm still trying to figure everything out. Near as I can parse it, so far, the screaming started in this blog entry on DMCA provisions; moved at comment #3 by Joshua Nightshade to this JIRA issue on the same topic; at comment #4 it leapt to this issue from the official SL forums, along with this issue on content theft.

Then the Common Sensible blog got in on things, and now I'm just confused. Will I also find items missing from my inventory? Will I find things only partially working? Will my inventory be completely untouched?

I have no idea...yet. But I'm going to be finding out.

[I've now found out. Total loss: Sex rugs, two. Sex beds, six in various colors and various manufacturers, all of which used the EC scripts. On the plus side, the devPose bed is fine, the couple low-end sex and cuddle beds I have from SexGen are fine. Be grateful for small favors?

[Sadly, I still have to find out if the canopy bed I have at home--Rivula home--is still functional...]

Meanwhile, another link led me to Morris Vig's blog and his mention of the Labs' stance on intellectual property rights.

And in comment #21 from the latest SL5B posting, Cherry Czervik says:

    "All exhibits are PG, because we want to make the SL5B as inclusive as possible."


    Do you KNOW a vast amount of your user base?

Which is a damned good question.

Though...to that end...I am now participating in the celebration. I should note that this is not due to me having a change of heart and thinking everything's just peachy now; in fact, it's mostly due to one of the organizers calling for art content for the Caledon build. So, I considered, and weighed all sides, and decided helping out was the lesser evil.

We'll see how it goes.

On top of everything else? "Lindened" is now a word in the Urban Dictionary.

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