Monday, June 16, 2008

if I could, then I would

Another night, another hunt.

This one's at Mashooka Designs in the very oddly named Nerdaronie & Cheese sim. The goal: forty-four semi-transparent boxes, all about softball-diameter, so to speak, and all either translucent white, smoke grey, or translucent purple. Some have a picture on one face.

The hunt will net clothing (mostly sweater sets, miniskirted dresses, and colordrenched sari outfits), mehndi glove and sock sets, and dark-toned skins. The down side?

Nearly all the boxes will charge you a Linden to acquire. Which, generally speaking, is nothing, save there are forty-four boxen, and it's a scavenger hunt!

[Eeep--this morning, I am informed by Miss Aradhana Voight that to enter the Mashooka Designs sim, you must wear your group tag--in other words, to shop at Mashooka Designs, you must be a group member? Can anyone confirm this?]


In the meantime, working on new eyes. These are almost entirely hand-painted. While I still like my things-that-were-not-meant-to-be-eyes sets, I may be getting good enough at this to market these soon. We shall see.

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