Saturday, June 28, 2008

praying for the skies to open up and wash away your memory


Milk Latte is closing soon. I don't know why, I do know it's sad. I really liked this little place.

Same sim, maybe different owner, had a whole warehouse full of low-prim Asian furniture. Now there was a fun concept, too.


I had intended to come back and pay full price for the kimonos I wanted, and their full price, on many of these? Averaged between thirty and eighty Linden to begin with.

But at five Linden per kimono--and with her having such vibrant designs--how can I pass it up?


I got a chance to walk about SL5B at long last today. Some things were just phenomenal; some things were baffling as hell.


Like...why did YuriLover Nightfire build a chair? Just a chair? Approved application, 100-200 prims depending on build parcel size, Just a chair.

Just one chair.

And the sharks. OMG Maxx Flyer's sharks.


(Click for a larger version.)

Unfort, this is not the best picture, but these things are amazing--they actually react to the bubble--swimming around the center and pressing up against the bubble before swimming off. They're color-changing too, and they're in the bubble with two jellyfish, but forget all that--they are aware of the bubble.

That's...just...astounding, frankly.

Also, how is CodeBastard Redgrave's work--lovely as it is--PG? Is it just that it shows no genitalia?


Maybe it's just that the rules are being applied so inconsistently. One artist had to airbrush nipples off a classical painting to exhibit it. Another artist was allowed to put up a full sculpted version of Michaelangelo's David, in three dimensions, complete with male genitalia. A third artist was told breasts cannot be exhibited at all.

Is it just that there's too many organizers and not enough definitions of what "PG" really is supposed to mean? Then why have it PG at all?


And this is the picture that got the Caledon build in trouble.

I know. It's so very beyond innocuous in every way. It was banned because--and this still baffles to this very moment--Miss Cornelia Rothschild (seen on Iason Hassanov's metal shoulder) was seen in a picture beside Desmond Shang, an adult male.

Right. That picture is going to give people sexual thoughts of adults and children. That portrayal.

Gryffin Hax would roll over in his grave, I'm sure. Well, if he were dead. Thankfully, he's very much alive.

And just as baffled.


And I will admit, the tribute to Callie Cline's ego display Grim Babies put up was...something. I won't say art, per se, but it was something.

I'll give it another walk-through tomorrow, see what else pops up. But for the most part? SL5B, for all the hype, is beset by lag and texture meltdown, far too many sculpted objects, and far too many stores and modeling agencies determined to get new customers.

Next year it'd be nice to fix most of these issues, but frankly? I don't see it happening.


Alexandra Rucker said...

Too many cooks, I'll bet.

I'm thinking perhaps there's too MANY people in control of who gets what decided - and that the answers depending on who was asked.

Emilly Orr said...

I'm absolutely certain of that.

In addition, CodeBastard Redgrave, the one with the questionable cheesecake art? Is one of the organizers.

PG means different things to different people, that's why it's so problematic in SL. Many sims default to Mature rating not because of sex or violence, but simply because concepts of adult nature may occur there, and while it may not be publically approved (in Caledon, for example, cursing in public is very outré, and all sexual activity--the stuph involving poseballs, not flirting aggressively--hells, flirting aggressively seems a national Caledonian pasttime--anyway--that's all kept above 512 meters. And there's talk further of raising that limit, now that the physics allow it, to 2000 meters), we realize it may happen.

*reads back and realizes that's a very confusing set of pauses and dashes, and decides to let it go anyway*

Anonymous said...

Okay, so - did THAT picture cause REAL problems with the Caledon build, or SPECULATIVE problems... I am confused.


Emilly Orr said...

That was the portrait that was initially banned by organizers of SL5B. Mr. Volare was originally informed that it could not, in any means whatsoever, be exhibited.

Why? Because it showed an adult male--Desmond Shang--and a female child--Miss Cornelia Rothschild--together in the painting.

Leave aside the concept that Miss Cornelia is not a child--and that she's on Iason Hassanov's shoulder, which would dwarf anyone--and leave aside the concept that everyone in the image is fully clothed--what made the organizers of SL5B turn it down was the adult-child connection.

Which in this instance is ludicrous, and Mr. Volare made this place. He also made plain that Miss Cornelia, while depicted in a young, cute fashion, was in no wise underage.

The ban was eventually lifted, the build went on, and personally, I think it's one of the highlights of SL5B. But that's the insane level of paranoia that's been exhibited behind the scenes.