Tuesday, April 1, 2008

we could be dancing 'til dawn, but you're too weird for words

There are reasons I'm not fond of Aprille 1st.


Meet Mr. Stupede Morane. I'm not making this up--Mr. Allen and I saw him, I snapped him dancing in our sky studio, I banned him--and then Fawkes said, damn, I wanted to ban him--so I unbanned him from our Morgaine parcel while I was tracking down an estate manager to report to and filing an abuse report.

And the idiot came right back, so Fawkes got the chance to ban him too.

Because, see, intended jest or not? Appearing, uninvited, dressed as Hitler, in front of a bisexual woman, and a Jewish man--two categories who can and did get bundled off into the camps--gosh, that's at the least in extremely poor taste.

Miss Callisto, she of the elegantly jeweled mice, informed me it was being handled, and I profusely thanked her for being the efficient wonder that she is, and shook my head and went on with the evening.

But I really thought y'all should know. Some people on the grid? Take Aprille Fools' Day too gorram far.

(Title taken from the Charles Bernstein song "Too Bad You're Crazy", used in the April Fool's Day soundtrack; get an excellent fanvid using the song here.)


Seraph Nephilim said...

I don't see any reason that this person's appearance has anything to do with the date. Just another frelling griefer. Ban & move on, possibly with an AR to boot.

Sumie Kawashima said...

I agree, Miss Orr - poor taste is a very polite way to put it.

It's a sad commentary on us younger people, too. Many of my peers see people like Hitler, Goering, Himmler, etc. as charicatures or cartoons. I suppose some might say that shows some element of society healing or coping or somesuch. *I* say if we make much parody of such monsters as these, we doom ourselves to let monsters rise again.

Even then, I have to question myself. I mean, I peed myself the first time I saw John Cleese do his Nazi impression on Fawlty Towers. But somehow when Python alumni do it, it means something different...


Emilly Orr said...

Seraph--the which we've done, but I did add in the AR on intolerance.

Just another griefer, yes, but--well, my grandfather had friends. Quiet unassuming souls, both of them, married a great many years, great compassion of spirit, lovely people. Square dancers; my grandfather went dancing with the lady of the month, and that couple, every other week for years.

Accented English, they both had, lovely Germanic lilts to their voices. I'd assumed they were old-country Dutch, and thought nothing more of it.

Until the summer my car broke down and the husband pushed his long sleeves up to see what was the problem, and I discovered why he always wore long sleeves--to hide the string of numbers tattooed on his arm...

Miss Sumie: I think it *was* different, when they did it; they were mocking a man their parents had fought, mocking a man they'd watched filmstrips of. For most of us, it's radically different--unless we've had some form of direct experience, we really have no clue how bad it got, how close he came. We can't even comprehend it even when we *have* had some form of direct experience.

Seraph Nephilim said...

Oh, I did not mean to belittle the experience. Just that choices of iconography by griefers does tend towards the horrific. And they do this without any thought for the reasons that such images are so horrific.

Frankly, I pretty much think a whole generation needs a big smackdown, making such choices just "for the LOLZ".

When I discovered a griefer base high above my island, the Nazi iconography had a major impact on me. I considered escalating the level of AR, but sufficed with just a "standard" AR followed by a complete return/delete of the items, then a lockdown of the island. All this resulted in less liberties for all because of a few who abused them.

How do we get rid of these rotten apples? *sighs* If they really had to confront the horror of that which they mimic -- the true horror -- I can only hope they would make better choices. For all our sakes, I hope that would be the case.

Emilly Orr said...

And RL, SL, it's the same thing. When we lived in Spokane, a hobby in the area, common enough to be referred to as a hobby--was arson.

I mean, where do you go with that? "Why'd you burn down the bar?" "I was bored." "...."