Wednesday, April 30, 2008

tell me children, are you sleeping?

The wheel spins, and another year passes. The fallow season, the still time, makes way for fervent green, growth and renewal. Rejoice, for summer sweet is on its way, blossom and bud, leaf and petal.

It's Beltane, once again.

Tonight I may do far too much for there's far too many things to do. But before the frenzy, I had one or two things I wanted to share.

Namely, LPP, and their rather distinctive variety of steampunk and mechanized neko constructions:


This was not taken at LPP, this was snapped last night while Miss Neurosis Curry was showing us her latest headgear. I had to show it off here, though, because--speaking of lag dementia--this headgear weighs in at slightly under three hundred prims.

Let me say that again, because it sounds vaguely important.

All those tubes, bolts, nuts and threaded attachments? Equal more than two hundred and fifty prims, many of them flexi.

And what does LPP's obviously gifted, but gibberingly insane, designer wish for such an item?

Two hundred and eighty Linden. That's almost a Linden per prim! That's insanely reasonable for such work!

And it's not the only thing they offer of interest to the steampunk and construct fans out there--they have an impressively complete line of "doll" attachments, for neko constructs, doll constructs, or just anyone who needs a little more oomph about themselves than pixel tea will grant.

You should come see. It's amazing.

Secondly, speaking of sight, let's talk about eyes for a minute. I've always been intensely into eyes. The entire world comes in through our eyes, or at least mine--I'm a very visual person. I know this. I very nearly have more pairs of eyes than I have hairstyles, and that says something.

The new find is Eyes by Brunswick in Lonicerae. I'm not sure if they're worth the prices, but they do look like they might be.


They tend a bit more towards the yellow and red tones, but they're definitely deep, clear and vibrant. I'll let you know what I find out when I buy a pair...or more than one pair...

They even have four animated sets of prim eyes, named--and I adore this--"Cenobyte Eyes".

Speaking of which, I really need to finish that Cenobyte throat piercing...

But enough on that! Beltane, remember! Beltane of the balefire and the dance, jumping the flames and speaking the tales of winters past and summers remembered. A night for frolic and passion, gentle mayhem and celebration, and above all, joy.

We have survived the harsh sleep of winter, now is time to waken and be restored! To renew bonds of love and friendship, to move and make merry, to live fully within our skins and enjoy the blessings of this life, small to large.

The wheel spins, the year changes. Winter makes way for summer. What joy will you seek out this night?

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