Sunday, April 6, 2008

am I part of the cure? or am I part of the disease?

I would buy a camera from Miss Pinkney from this video. Is it just me?

And...somewhere, in world, someone is walking around as a bald Britney Spears. Now that scares me.

And Steampunk Princess Leia, anyone?

And an interesting little entry on Portal, GLADos, suffering and bondage. (Hee--thought that might get your attention.)

And a moving retrospective of space images--cities at night, found originally on Neil Gaiman's aetheric journal.

Finally--lest this become a link post entirely, and who'd want that--World of Warcraft weighed in with a very fun Aprille Fool's jest: a new console game, designed specifically for that solid power mover...Atari.


It's been difficult for the past few days on the grid. (She adds, unnecessarily.) Between new branding center restrictions driving a wedge between users and the Linden-powered, and over 500 regions having problems last night, it's a strange and dizzy time. Inventories which won't load; connections that don't; sims disappearing entirely; crashing and redmapping at a record high for most users...Let alone the 'usual' problems of high lag, walking equivalent to slogging through molasses, changing attire a complicated and inherently risky venture...

Honestly. Do other virtual worlds deal with these issues?

Random images from the past week (or so).


Miss Siyu Suen had protesters at her store; a trundling gang of baby penguins who told her most emphatically, they were tired of her mask-making ways interfering with the fish-catching lifestyle on the rest of her island. (No, I'm not sure how the two connect, either.) It was a tense standoff, but finally a compromise was reached--she would make a fish mask, and they would go away.


Vanishingly few of my images taken during Caledon's two-year anniversary came out. It's truly a shame. But I am glad I was part of it, and part of the day of formal balls at Cymru Castle. I believe this is from the second ball I hosted (I played hostess at the first and third formal balls).


And Rivula, the strange little southern continent sim that was my first home on the grid...continues to be strange. This is a new build for a new resident--it may, in fact, still be there--that quite literally towers over everything else.


Don't believe me? There's my landlord (with the halo), his lady wife, and myself (with the white hair) for size reference, on one of the arms of the ankh. This is a very large structure.


And of the odder things seen during the Falln Easter egg hunt. Trogdor, being chased by two non-burninated peasants.

Or perhaps he's the one chasing them.

In any case, they were going around in circles at the top of the castle. I had to stop and snap a picture, elsewise I wouldn't have believed it.


Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

I don't know about the camera but I'm interested in the monster AV :-)

Emilly Orr said...

Oh yeah. He looked fun. :)