Saturday, April 26, 2008

if we like we stay for maybe quite a while

I've unfortunately had to enable the rather annoying type-in-random-letters verification option for this journal; but considering one entry attracted the attention of an annoying person who left sixteen comments--all saying the same pointless thing--it's going to become necessary.


But then, what's new? Rather resembles the grid at large, at the moment. Logins restricted, the support portal going under, database and asset server issues--it's been just the most thrilling weekend so far.


Just ask Lord Greystoke, Gnarlihotep Abel, and his soon-to-be bride Lady Gloire Thibaud--they would have been married yesterday, but just as she was to walk down the aisle, the grid caved in around the entire congregations' collective ear!


The music for the Jellicle Ball today, in Coughton Court? Perfection. The photographic capture of all the Jellicle cats at play? Not quite so perfect. I've been trying, but it's just not going to come out much better than that.

But as today was also something of fundraiser--and raiser of awareness for--the Caledon libraries, it should come as no surprise that everyone who could get to Carntaigh for this event, did.


So of course, there was lag. And lack of rez. And slowed programming in general.

All those frocks, you know. And all those avatars. And all those ears and tails! For it was the Jellicle Ball, after all!


The music was varied, the conversation warming, and the dancing divine, as always--and I do believe we raised significant funds to keep the Caledon libraries fueled. Never let it be said Caledonians let the light of literacy wane.


Betwixt tail-twitching doses of Mousetinis and freshly juiced mice, rich chunks of lobster and shrimp, and selections from Cats the musical, and other lovely cat-themed musicalia, we danced and swayed and supped and sipped and altogether, had a superb evening indeed!

Keep in mind that you can donate funds to keep the Caledon libraries financially sound at any branch of the library; and each individual one is worth perusing at least once, at any rate--they all possess their own character and their own charm.

Much as each sim of Caledon, after all.


Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

Cat dancing

Sounds like you had fun. And It took me a second to recognise the entry title as the Siamese theme from the Aristocats :-)

Emilly Orr said...

We did indeed. And raised a touch over two weeks' rent for the libraries, so kudos to everyone who donated.

And yes, our Duchess played a particularly fun version of the Siamese Cat Song, that I'd never heard before. Had to nick one of the lines. :)