Wednesday, April 16, 2008

do you really wanna know how I was dancing on the floor?

There are some events one attends on the grid that end up being larger than they were planned to be. I don't mean in terms of attendance, though we had that too, but just...I don't want to get all flowery and say something like, "now I've rediscovered my faith in humanity!" because really...first, not human, hello, and second, that makes it sound a tad too grand. It was, after all, just a party.


But it was a great party. It was Miss Kacy Despres' first Rez Day party, and her husband, Mr. Mordecai Scaggs, had booked Radio Riel, her Grace Duchess Gabi, and myself, personally.

And we did our best to welcome in all comers and keep the party moving. Miss Despres was quite fond of 80's tunes, which was rather perfect, because so is our DJing Duchess (it is, after all, part of what she does at Timeless Underground every second Thursday). And, before the Rez Day girl came aboard the Rakehell, the lovely floating airship palace above Tanglewoods, such a huge number of people came aboard, I nearly couldn't rez them all. I was quite frankly astounded.


Left to right (at least in this capture) (and I apologize, these were both taken late in the day, because I was too busy hosting and having fun!): Lord Cymru, Viderian Vollmar; a sadly unrezzed (she's mostly rezzed in the picture above) Miss Samantha Glume; myself in green; Miss Kacy Despres in the dark teal dress; the thinnest of glimpses of the light-generating wonderpixie, Miss Exuberance Lafleur; her Grace Gabrielle Riel in the polka dots; the right arm of Mr. Mordecai Scaggs, who set up the entire party with his lovely lady none the wiser, apparently (which takes some doing!); Mr. Roberto Viking; and Miss Saffia Widdershins, publisher of Prim Perfect. (Alas, for I cannot remember the lady on the far right).

So maybe I'm wrong, it wasn't just a party. Because one's first Rez Day, it does have a special meaning. We meet our year marks and, beyond suddenly realizing we've spent a year on the grid, we get to realize we've survived a year on the grid. We now know how to play the game, and (hopefully) how not to; we've made some connections, some friends, maybe fallen in love (and, for some of us, like Miss Kacy, managed to stay in love--Mr. Scaggs, after all, she met her very first day on the grid, and they're happily married now); we've found good places, maybe founded businesses, but most importantly, more than anything--we've lasted.

That should be celebrated. That should be a festival of joy. And for Miss Kacy, it was.

It felt good to be a part of that.

In other news, the WingFling is coming:


What is it? Well, Miss Jen Shikami wants to get everyone together who makes wings, likes wings, or designs wing-related items in one place. It's also something of a fundraiser for Child's Play, which is a very worthy childrens' charity set up for the express purpose of helping out sick children in hospitals in five different countries.

It opens the 19th of Aprille and closes on the 27th; and there's an information site if you want to read more about it. Or just IM Jen Shikami in world.


turnerBroadcasting said...

I am planning on celebrating my second rez day.

Want to keep the birthday cake away from the grid bugs.

Emilly Orr said...

Heh. Difficult, but yes.

I'm starting to think on my second-year rez day coming up. I want to do something; I just don't know what, yet.

Kacy Despres said...

Thank you so much Miss Orr, for hosting what was such an amazing event. I am still overwhelmed that everyone came out, and as Mord can attest gave a very loud sqeal of delight when I saw you were hosting, certainly one of Radio Riels finest hosts. Thanks again for making my day so so special!

Emilly Orr said...

You are more than welcome, and thank you for the kind words. I thoroughly enjoyed hosting your party, I have to admit. I think everyone had a great deal of fun.