Saturday, April 5, 2008

crawl on four hands between darkness and light

IBM launches first privatized version of SL (TM). Was this a hoax or reality? Because I know from last October, it was something IBM has been planning for some time...

And certain men of Caledon have said they'll refuse to vote on this JIRA issue. And gentlemen! That's just uncalled for! I mean, first they take the prim skirts away, and now the browsers take the clothing-layer skirts away...

Let 'em take the clothing-layer pants away in another browser update, so all of you are running around in your underthings, and SEE how fast you report it!!

And then we can be the ones saying we won't vote for it! MUAHAHAhahaha....

...well, no, see, because most women will vote for it, simply because we also will be wanting the pants layers back!

And Lady Seraph brings to my attention a new SL fashion publication called GlamSL:

Drat, so many new places to shop...But the publication is very stylized, very well done, the images are crisp, clear and excellent. A lot of precision, a lot of passion, a lot of love of fashion shows.

And Thomas Dolby, of all people, tracks down a vintage wooden sub.

Now, then. The world is now converted completely to the Havok4 engines. So of course there are widespread problems. It remains to be seen whether this will cause even more people to flee for new aetheric worlds, but the same barrier remains--no other virtual landscape exists that does quite what the grid does.


But between that and the new insistence that "SL" (TM) and "Second Life" (TM), along with the eye-in-hand logo, are all protected under trademark law as brand identifications...and must not be used in any way, lest we "mislead" people into believing that we speak for them...they seem quite committed to driving their users away at speed, our Powers that Linden.

What next do they intend to do, to further disenchant their user base? Because at this point, it's seeming very deliberate--they do not seem to want us in their world.

Isn't this...working at cross purposes, at the least? I thought they wanted new users. But with all the recent problems, plus all the old problems, plus the new branding restrictions...they don't even seem to want the old ones.

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