Sunday, April 27, 2008

'cause leaving is all I've ever known before

They say it's resolved. Don't believe them.

And this issue? Needs to be fixed! Bring back the Tools menu!

I don't really know when this started, but over at Miss Nicky Ree's couture store, there's a grouping of three free skin/shape combos offered by, of all people, L'Oreal. The actual skin designer is Stephen Lightworker of RealSKIN; but I must say, to L'Oreal's specifics, or Mm. Lightworker's, for freebies? They're phenomenal.


There are three varieties, at least available through Nicky Ree's. I did some quick captures of each look (ignoring the shapes that came with each one; they're far too pouty, and just odd-looking from my perspective); this one is L'Oreal's "Perfectly Pastel". It has a reasonable level of detail, good work around the eyes, nice but not obtrusive detailing elsewhere.


The "Plum Perfect" variety I'm sure will fit someone out there; me, I couldn't find a single shape (including the one that came with it) that didn't make me look angry. Maybe "Plum Perfect" was designed with the perpetually cranky in mind. In any case, it has the same shading, the same eye work, and while the eyebrows are furrowed in displeasure, they are nicely drawn.


Lastly is their "Vintage Glamour" skin, which oddly, is the one most obviously photosourced. There's a neat--though decidedly not "Vintage"--glossy gleam across the lips, and some nice face work. Again, for free skins? I'm terribly impressed with the level of quality.

The cool thing? It's the first time, I think, a commercial company has really gotten life on the grid. Each skin/shape set comes with a notecard, so anyone who picks up the skin can then "match the look" (for their 'motivating spirits' as Baron Wulfenbach says) with a list of what to shop for, in terms of eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara and the like. It's not a bad idea, and makes for tremendously effective, targeted marketing.

At any rate, you can pick them up, if you wish, at Nicky Ree's, along with this month's selection of free gowns (and NASA space suits??) at the same time.

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