Thursday, March 22, 2007

The one thing that always tore us apart is the one thing I won’t touch again

and I'm sitting in the green skin
in the black lace skirt I made
feeling a relationship
crawl back out of the grave
he won't leave it alone, he won't
hear me when I say
there's no hope of redemption and
past beauty he can't save

and I'm wondering when the next plot,
the next angle will be seen
is he seeking absolution?
or just looking for the key
I curl up, verdant plaid
against the skin so pallid-green
I sigh, exasperated,
because again, he just wants me

and my mind won't seem to shut off
it keeps turning on its gears
replaying segments of my past
tumbled and stripped bare
weary now, I stumble
facing all my hopes and fears
be wary now, I tell myself
beware, beware, beware

now every new face haunts me, I
think is it now him disguised?
I still don't know why I'm the goal
I'm the less than perfect prize
and static cries reach me from
a future filled with spies
and his daughter just laughs harder
out of green and maddened eyes

the game's afoot but I have yet
to say I want to play
I think it through and think it through
and I don't think I see
mostly I just want him
to give up and go away
because I can't see the benefit
of him and I to me

but his daughter is a friend and thus
I'm toying with a scene
and if I can get through it
without denying who I am
we'll get her back, restore her
to the lands she knows, serene
...but then it's him and I again
and for that, I'd say I'm damned...

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