Tuesday, March 6, 2007

goodnight, sweetheart, well, it's time to go


"If you name me lover, then, what would you fear I would do with such a title?"

I admit, I was curious as to his answer.

He said, "Use it against me, as many others tend to do with that title."

Ah. So we would both come into this wary and cautious--he, because he has never loved before, and me, because I've loved before, and lost.

Demons, in fact. Three of them. And I think I've learned the lesson intended--don't fall in love with demons.

Does it matter that he's only half-demonic in nature? Does that make it better, or worse?

I don't know.

Does his arrival bode ill for me? Or mayhap, I learnt the lesson wrong, the first time out. Mayhap it was never, do not love demons. Maybe it was always, be careful with the ones you choose to love...

It's early yet, anyway. To love this particular demon. I'm still playing. Predominantly, I think, so is he.

But...it does make me wonder.

And worry, slightly.

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