Saturday, March 31, 2007

I run as fast as I can run but Jack comes tumbling after


Some few days ago, resting in my home, I was suddenly pulled into a vortex of black spinning space, and when vision cleared, I stood in front of a temple, enclosed by high, rising crags of earth and stone. I could find no way free, and circled the temple, looking behind the pillars to the odd inlaid circle of patterned stones, walking around and around until...I noticed a doorway, cut low in the back side of the rock the temple was formed of.

It led me to a dark enclosure, with a raised tomb at the center, and there I was stymied. No way free, and no way out, and where was this temple, at any rate? To whom was it dedicated? No way to know, no markings, just raised design images, the walls were smooth....and the rising fangs of rock surrounding would make hard work of leaving.

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Something about the space resisted my abilities to transform, too, so it would have to be hard climbing to the peak, and then....Just to know, for sure, I climbed one of the lower peaks, panting when I reached the fork in the stone, and saw the land of Lumindor, with trees possessing leaves of silver, dark green, magenta and gold, spread out below.

It would be a long fall, I thought. It might even kill one with my recuperative abilities. I did not look forward to such.

I called out, mentally, hoping for aid from one in the Court, and instead called the shade of the monk, who drifted close. He had enough power to lift me and deposit me on the far side of the enclosure, where I saw the entrance to the Great Red Dragon's mountain hall.

How odd, that the temple existed above her dwelling. Odder still, that the monk chose to help at all...

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