Sunday, February 8, 2015

so many adventures couldn't happen today

So, according to an intrepid group of researchers, it has been discovered that cucumbers, mainly, ride the New York subway.

No, not really, but what did happen is these researchers spent hours on one full subway line, gathering samples of bacteria. Then they tested them, with current evaluation standards, and learned many things. But even better, they learned how many things they didn't know. Frankly, learning one doesn't know something is generally better for science anyway, because then one feels driven to learn what that something was.

Also, this is fascinating, if a bit creepy: medical science has discovered that skin from cadavers is actually better at healing living skin wounds than synthetic skin, or even transplanted skin from the same living being. But keep in mind, this isn't just a chunk of dead skin attached to the wound: through special treatments, they've been decellularized--in other words, everything that gives human skin its thickness and color has been removed. What's left? The base matrix of skin itself--all the non-cell filaments and proteins that make up the structure.

So why is this a good thing? Two reasons: first and most important, skin matrix that's been scraped clean of all cellular matter won't be rejected by a new host. And secondly, for all the advances in synthetic skin production--and there have been many--it's just not as good as what humans grow on their own.

Now, we join a Neverwinter chat already in process, sometime back in...I can't even remember. Somewhen in 2014, maybe:

[Zone] k0n4ik@u5701242: Delicate - party?
[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: why is this map all white???
[Zone] wrapped_in_cotten@nowolfes: not just mine like that then lol
[Zone] Kira Stormblade@undeadsoldier999: so its not just me?
[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: lol odd
[Zone] Slash@stephthegadget: been bugged for weeks

Ah, this may track down the when, because I've only gone through the realm of the Sky Pirates with a couple characters; it's the one region of Neverwinter that I absolutely cannot stand. So I'd say, with all the mentions of learning lore that I'm trimming, this likely would've been the turn of the year 2014, or even as far back as November of 2013.

The bug they're talking about seems unique to this zone, too, and I have no idea if it's fixed yet, because I tend to avoid that zone. What the expected behavior is with maps in a new zone: you pull up the map, and see where you are, and--if you have an active quest--where you need to go.


But this zone is--or, at least, was--deeply flawed, in that you'd pull the map up, and just see white. No landmarks, no 'You are here' note, no 'go here' note. Just...a white blank map.

[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: LoL this double xp is like cheating I just leveled and I am now halfway to the next level lmao

Well, yeah, that's kind of how double XP weekends work...

[Zone] Sir Krycii@dyllethia: 10 levels in the past 2 hours.
[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: I was 35 today I am now 45
[Zone] pikkem anflixem@nagrown69: they want us ready for the 2nd

Ah, right, there's another clue--the second module for Neverwinter was released in October 2013, so this had to be either before the end of the month, or September.

I think.

[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: They raiseing the cap?

Nope, but they added the Hunter/Ranger, so you could shoot things real purty?

I know, it's not the same, but hey, new class! (At the time.)

[Zone] Neid@wyldeacid: learn to read guys, it's all been posted weeks ago.
[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: I know how to read there is no need to be rude
[Zone] Neid@wyldeacid: im not rude, just telling you what should be obvious.
[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: I dont read everything there is to know
[Zone] pikkem anflixem@nagrown69: by the time you typed that you coulda answered the question

Yeah, but seriously, when has that ever stopped anyone before?

[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: was just a honest question
[Zone] Neid@wyldeacid: i did answer the question -_-
[Zone] pikkem anflixem@nagrown69: or just be quiet
[Zone] NecroRogue@necrophilism: I agree with Neid
[Zone] Linea de Vir@geralddevir: Calm down guys.. nobody is perfect..
[Zone] Neid@wyldeacid: Maybe you ain't .. but i am =/

Yeah, no, but thanks for playing. Next?

[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: Its whatever really
[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: I mean I have a right to ask a question even if I didnt read the posts
[Zone] Linea de Vir@geralddevir: thats right
[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: and to be told to go read it is rude sorry just me
[Zone] Neid@wyldeacid: And i have a right to answer as i please.

Sure, everyone has a right to speak, and everyone listening/reading along has a right to be a decent human being, or a jerk. We know this, move on.

[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: I see that neid but I think you need to find a better way to talk to people
[Zone] Yokki_DC@yokki1: reading posts sucks. i am waiting for the movie

Might work out better in the long run.

In the meantime, Japan is setting up the first steps towards WestWorld....sort of: they're planning a robotic hotel based on the clean construction lines of...the Netherlands??...for the comfort and security of their guests. Robotic staff, robotic check-in, and facial recognition software instead of locks on the doors...Yeah, okay, it's not Yul Brynner being evil with a gun, but I'm much too paranoid. Something's going to go horribly wrong.

Also in Japan, the Japanese Army decided to invade the Sapporo Snow Festival--kind of literally. It took bulldozers and over three thousand tons of snow to help the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces’ 11th Brigade do what they wanted to do for the festival--build a monument to Stormtroopers and Star Wars. And I have to admit, it looks AMAZING.

And lighter fluid you can pick up anywhere, camping gas for lanterns and the like is available almost everywhere else, so this could be the next big thing to keep gadgets up and running off the grid. It's already halfway to its goal; I hope they make it.

Finally, do you remember Bob Ross? Remember his series with all those happy little painting tips?

Thanks to the Internet Archive, you can now watch the entire series. For free. Thank you, Wayback Machine!

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