Monday, February 9, 2015

she sawed at her head till the floor pooled with hair

So, I was trying to track down an image used in the beginning of a video on the creepiest kids' toys ever, which...disturbingly enough, didn't show up as an actual toy. No real wonder, really, because--well, it's pretty much nightmare fuel (seriously, click at your own risk, and depending on inclination, possibly NSFW).

So I turned to Google Image search, always my first recourse, no matter how often it disappoints me. It turned up Monty Python's rabbit as a hand puppet; a gallery on Imgur apparently uploaded by the creator behind the Fugglers; Nintendo World Report's review of something else I can't track down, which was sent to their office; Florentijn Hofman's half-melted, boneless somethings that lounge around in various places; Julia Bornefeld's...leg tangle??...sculpture; Funcage's entry on thirty-three fashion items, most of which are just baffling; PetaPixel's animals turned inside out; Matt Kirkland's investigation into what's really underneath those animatronic toys; and one of the archived Twisted Toys entries from the Sassy Two-Socks blog, in specific, this entry, which sort of seems like maybe a...prototype version? Sort of?

I also found Makiko Shinoda's "Materials Teddy", slightly disturbing to look at, for me personally, but I like the concept behind it.

So, okay, fine, save for the one bear with "IAS" technology (*coughs*), no joy. I turned to TinEye Reverse Image Search, which works far more often than Google, to see what they could track down. All I had was that one screencap from the vid, but surprisingly, it actually turned up links.

Tons of links. Tons of...mostly non-relevant links.


This page, for instance, seemed to be just images, no information. I did try to run additional searches--which tracked down everything from the 'Family in Disguise' series by Yu Jinyoung to a mecha-cybearg (according to the artist for this competition, Cakie) to Dark Roasted Blend's take on twisted toys (again with few attributions).

And nobody seems to know where this doll is from, either. (Possibly NSFW?? Though it is a baby doll, not an adult doll.)

So...I'm giving up. If anyone has any further information, or wishes to run down the disturbing toy themselves, have at, but I take no responsibility for strange dreams later.

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