Monday, February 9, 2015

that feeling that doesn't go away just did

[Zone] [Zone] Kit@kitdewstein: how do I get a dog
[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: buy one first
[Zone] Djinn@bhelbel: c companions invoke xD
[Zone] Baal Otep Thoth@axxon5: you have to have it first.
[Zone] Baal Otep Thoth@axxon5: press C
[Zone] Herb Me@drartwhodent: hit = for companion window
[Zone] Baal Otep Thoth@axxon5: switch tabs at top to the one on the right that says companion
[Zone] Sheva Darksbane@malgoriah: type / ddos dog
[Zone] Baal Otep Thoth@axxon5: select the dog if you have one
[Zone] Baal Otep Thoth@axxon5: bottom right. "summon"
[Zone] Baal Otep Thoth@axxon5: your welcome.

All good tips, as far as they go.

[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: ...or whatever's the button to the left of Backspace on your keyb
[Zone] Kit@kitdewstein: wait how do i get one if i don't have one?
[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: Buy A Dog, duh

Less helpful.

[Zone] Kit@kitdewstein: >.> yes go buy a dog that is so helpful
[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: *shrug* you're free to farm events for freebie companions too of course
[Zone] Van Bammy@justinmichaelh: this game is to hard
[Zone] Van Bammy@justinmichaelh: im going back to wizards 101
[Zone] Van Bammy@justinmichaelh: thats a real game
[Zone] Frickd00d@swagboyfrick: lol

I don't even. I have no place in my brain for someone who thinks point-and-click combat is "to hard".

[Zone] Kit@kitdewstein: farm events?
[Zone] headhurts@yourshadow0s: kit what kinda dog do u want?
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: "Too hard"
[Zone] Drakeos Shadowbow@ShadowDrakous: Yeah try leveling 2nd character to >.>
[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: SOMEONE must be new here
[Zone] headhurts@yourshadow0s: u want a rotweilier? a german shepard? or u a chiuahua kinda guy?
[Zone] Kit@kitdewstein: not a chiuahua
[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: dachhunds are a must!

Save for...none of those dogs are available. Don't confuse her, she's struggling enough.

[Zone] headhurts@yourshadow0s: whichever dog u perfer, check ur local dog dispensary.
[Zone] Dew@phutt1989: How do i play PVE?
[Zone] Van Bammy@justinmichaelh: pve is too hard

As opposed to...what, field surgery?!?

[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: you need to learn to mine for fish first, Dew


[Zone] Djinn@bhelbel: pve hard? lol

I crashed--it's been a problem of late, I'm still struggling to figure out why--and when I returned, the conversation had turned to WoW, and other MMOs.

[Zone] Dorothy@astramond: Beam me up Scotty.There is no intelligent life down here.

Now that I'll agree with.

[Zone] Magister@ftworfya: LOL, WOW, isn'

Isn', exactly?

[Zone] Djinn@bhelbel: wow? jajajaaj
[Zone] Yunus@yunusumsu: Half Life will be published at 2030
[Zone] Sir Prostate@prostatefun: It's WoW, came out in 1936


[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: heh, been a while sonce I last saw a
A...a what, people? You're killin' me, here!

[Zone] Magister@ftworfya: wow isn't that old dude, most people here are older then that game :P
[Zone] Djinn@bhelbel: wow was a bad copy of D&D world
[Zone] Tiper@tiperlocc: Scott me up Beamie. Pickard out.
[Zone] Ronin Kang@Starhammer: Ironically, Neverwinter was the first MMO, Neverwinter Nights, which ran on its own servers for a while before moving to AOL. Ultima Online was the next one

Annnnnnd we're off on the first MMO debate!

[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: "first MMO" tailchaser
[Zone] Van Bammy@justinmichaelh: clearly not an actualy trekky it was a cute attempt though
[Zone] Dew@phutt1989: WoW is so much better
[Zone] Mi'Mosa@drastyk1: all games copy wow
[Zone] Djinn@bhelbel: shadow elfs wtf? jajajajaaj
[Zone] Magister@ftworfya: Wow wasn't out in 1996
[Zone] Freya Odinsdottir@gurneyhal: wow is the first mmo with mr T
[Zone] Djinn@bhelbel: copys of wow jajajaja? nubs
[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: Jesus played WoW with dinosaurs


[Zone] Van Bammy@justinmichaelh: STAR CITIZEN WAS THE FIRST MMO
[Zone] Artirius@artirius840: Ultima Online is the first MMO followed closely by Everquest, but Everuest is still going pretty strong for liek 18 years now
[Zone] Heals on Wheels@ultrahip: First MMO was Combat on the Atari 2600.
[Zone] Jo'dan@derekdrygon: can't wait for star citizen :)
[Zone] Yunus@yunusumsu: same kind of games are likely to look like each other, it is not cloning or copying
[Zone] headhurts@yourshadow0s: knew that the "first mmo" comment was gonna spawn this debate...
[Zone] Kallista Babausong@gabbagul: "WoW is the first mmo" is the first troll technique. You all are being massively trolled :P
[Zone] Yunus@yunusumsu: I AM THE FIRST MMO

Oh, shut up.

And then I crashed again, so went on to another character and stopped trying to follow the conversation.

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