Saturday, February 21, 2015

it's very easy to be suave when you're on your guard, like you always are

Another day, another capture from Zone chat, though I'm getting relentlessly tired of doing these...

[Zone] ilex elenath@fotogenia: did any1 read about todays patch? no more foundry farming? (theyre removing the summoning portals??)
[Zone] Cloud Strife@strifecloudvii07: whoa they will remove that
[Zone] Cloud Strife@strifecloudvii07: thats amainbgly stupid

So is spelling amazingly, "amainbgly".

[Zone] ilex elenath@fotogenia: "The summoning portals have been removed as an asset from the Foundry" ???
[Zone] Brukis@giorgosathan: i m a god

Wait, we were discussing Foundry missions, weren't we?

[Zone] Leprechaun@Norisman: GOOD least one person's happy?

[Zone] Hanzo@zyh591949094: thx
[Zone] Hanzo@zyh591949094: lol
[Zone] Hanzo@zyh591949094: i...
[Zone] Hanzo@zyh591949094: have headache

Sorry to hear that.

[Zone] Legolas@GzimM: this is so damn boring
[Zone] Cloud Strife@strifecloudvii07: okay ur bored
[Zone] Dame Elysium@GzimM: this is so damn boring
[Zone] Leprechaun@Norisman: Then Get The F*ck Out!

Well, that's harsh...

[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: So, removing summoning portals from Foundry missions does what, exactly?

Because, admittedly, I was confused about what that would do. Not having "foundry farmed" before this on any of my characters.

[Zone] Leprechaun@Norisman: Puts and end to exploting the sssystem to fam AD
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: Ah.

So basically, they were upset because an exploit they'd been counting on to get them money finally got fixed. Oh, boo hoo.

And from SL chat...

[14:32] Axxxx Pxxxxx: Sale of land, 8192 sqm 1875 prims, 5,000l per four weeks, only after four weeks 1,600 a week, interested send MI

I...think you mean "IM".

[14:32] txxxxx Txxxxxx: o.O
[14:33] bxxx Pxxxxx: [Axxxx] you can't do that in this group
[14:33] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: grrrrr

People never seem to get this.


[14:35] Uxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there is also a LL board upstairs at Angels that currently read R, has soft pink & black outfit with 2 pairs high slink shoes
[14:35] hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Dxxxxxx]... can someone confirm that is actually a 'dance anim' in that MM please? Because last time I was aksed to come help w a freebie there, the 'dance' ended up not being a dance, but a graphic sexual anim instead. Just realy good to check to be sure first if you could please, and let us know the name of the animation in the MM there, thanks
[14:36] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can yall make sure to put if you have to join group or not pretty please
[14:36] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: when u post your lms, would b helpful
[14:37] bxxx Pxxxxx: I tell you if you need it :>)
[14:37] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ik [bxxx]
[14:37] Uxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry, the LL board at Angels is no group
[14:37] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It's an AO
[14:37] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not a dance

So here we go again...again...because we've done this particular pavane before. In this particular group, posting of animations (sexual or PG), dances, and AOs are not allowed, to the point that it's in the group charter. To join the group, you have to at least see the charter square has words in it, whether you stop to read them or not.

[14:38] txxxxx Txxxxxx: I believe no AO mm boards are aloud in here.....


[14:39] hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: AO mms not permitted
[14:39] bxxx Pxxxxx: No they aren't
[14:39] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It's a Model Girl AO on the mm Board not a dance
[14:39] fxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: why arent they allowed
[14:39] Txx Axxxx: They are saying it is a dance to circumvent the rules. They know it.

Which is odd, because posting dances aren't allowed either, I thought.

[14:40] txxxxx Txxxxxx: my guess is that many anims are copybotted
[14:40] bxxx Pxxxxx: I refer you to a mod, what I know is some of it has to do with copy botting

Pretty much.

[14:40] hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Nods.. TY [Txx], Sane happened before with 'adult' sexual anims... which is why I questioned it
[14:41] cxxxxxxxxxxxxx Pxxxxxxx: MM with sandal roses in skelet palm 120/150 grup TC store i say just sandal cu i want them but r luchy letters too;)
[14:41] Sxxxxxxxxx Dxxxxx: I dont think these days it does make a difference the risk whit animations is just as high as whit other products

"With", and maybe, but it's the rules of the group. It's like going to a human-only sim dressed as a furry. It's not that you, in fur, are objectionable by yourself; it's just that you, in fur, can't RP on a human-only sim. Same thing here. No AOs, no animations, no dances.

[14:47] exxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wouldn't it b against the law to copy the item?

Well, yes, but you're discussing ethics in that sense, which is not the point under discussion.

[14:49] hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yes it is, it is theft [Exxxx], but that does not stop some people
[14:49] exxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i have paste here b4 it never told me i have to say what is on the MMB if i did it would b to long for me to explain myself what the items

That's more your problem than ours, frankly. Learn to condense.

[14:49] Sxxxxxxxxx Dxxxxx: Yeah [Exxxx] but sometimes people make theire own rules like When they make theire own little blab blab rules stating in theire profile they think its okay to do that but still breaking sl TOS when they dont keep up to the real rules from sl
[14:49] Sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: SMH
[14:50] Kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: What?
[14:50] exxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: im at other place so would u like me to say what r in all the 6 MMB n the 3 seats are?
[14:51] exxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: one time they told me to keep it short so i did..

Right, when a mod told you to "keep it short"? That means no more than three lines. Not "avoid mentioning anything that's on the MM board".

[14:51] lxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It is helpful to people who might want to visit a store to know if there is a mm board, how many, what the prizes are
[14:51] Txx Axxxx: LOL, how long does it take to say it was the Model AO created by Vista Animations that is now sold by someone else?
[14:52] Sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol.. that's be great
[14:52] hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Exxxx]... I IM'ed and explained to you why the question was posed... it had to do with group rules, not anything personal... so please can we move on?
[14:54] bxxx Pxxxxx: I hate to be the prissy one here, but! we need to move on kk :)
[14:55] Sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there's this cat.. that walks into a bar - looking for MM's :)
[14:55] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[14:55] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: HUGGIES!
[14:55] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx giggles
[14:56] exxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok there is nothing wrong with that AO' Just to let u know' oh sorry for putting it on here also
[14:56] Sxxxxxxxxx Dxxxxx: Anyway rules are rules and we do have to respect the rules a owner from the groups creates
[14:57] exxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: u r not allow to put anything with AO'S ON HERRRRRRRREEEE
[14:57] bxxx Pxxxxx: *bangs her head on the wall*

Sometimes people can be hard to deter if they think they're in the right, or, at least, are confused as to why they're in the wrong.

[14:58] Sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thank you [Axx] - now, moving on
[15:00] exxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok who is the owner
[15:00] Sxxxxxxxxx Dxxxxx: ? what do you meen [exxxx] from this group?
[15:00] lxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Owner of what [Exxxx]?? The group? Check the group profile
[15:00] Vxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i thought it was just ao manias we couldnt post, that free ao's were ok if people ask [15:00] Sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: owner of?
[15:00] bxxx Pxxxxx: She is shy [Axx] Lol!!!
[15:01] txxxxx Txxxxxx: yea we can recomend AO stores....established AO stores. We do all the tme talk about them

Yes, just nothing on MM boards.

[15:02] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we all gonna get along up in here today or im tellin on errrrybody and i mean it. i love everyone so lets play nicely okay for i cry
[15:02] Sxxxxxxxxx Dxxxxx: [exxxx] i think you should talk whit a moderator on the rules if you have doubts ore questions
[15:03] bxxx Pxxxxx: Stop yackin and get ta slappin!!!
[15:03] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes
[15:04] Sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: .. there's NO cry'n in slap'n them boards

Agreed. Now let's see if it works...

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