Friday, February 6, 2015

but if that's the case, what's with the long face?

[Zone] Moonsickle@gimpocalypse: you people obviously are not reporting spam on gold spammers... I didn't see the spam

I don't know, even with reporting a lot of it, I still see a lot, depending on the zone I'm in. It could be a variable thing, though. And depending on which zone one's in, a'course.

[Zone] Apophis@apophis101: i eat spam
[Zone] Brianna@sirrodney: Oh, I report it, but like crabgrass two come up for each one you kill

Also true.

[Zone] Galatic Acid@gilgafoo: eww spam
[Zone] Hug Me or Die@jennylynpu: mmmm spam
[Zone] Brianna@sirrodney: *cue Monty Python skit*
[Zone] Galatic Acid@gilgafoo: eww spam
[Zone] Xeno Ex Machina@ironwarlord76: eww people
[Zone] Apophis@apophis101: spam jelly....on the toast
[Zone] Lord Infamous@doubl3u: pretty stupid u log off auto after 15min when most ques take 45min average

Some people don't like waiting.

[Zone] Galatic Acid@gilgafoo: ballz
[Zone] Brianna@sirrodney: Ummm, you *really* don't want to red that, Zisi...
[Zone] Vellivia@jedimindtrixii: telling people you play neverwinteer is like saying you have !$*
[Zone] Picori@joeyisme: neverwinter treats its players like dirt
[Zone] Lucius Ebonshade@zoiks100: And players treat neverwinter like dirt, it's a vicious cycle

So how does Neverwinter treat its players like dirt? Sure, there's a cash shop. Sure, some of the items are ridiculously overpriced. But it's a game I can still have fun in without doing anything but crafting and questing, so...where's the abuse from the devs, exactly?

[Zone] Vellivia@jedimindtrixii: exploiters...nuff said
[Zone] Vakos@bonefuser: hate to break it to you every mmo in existancce has treated their players like dirt at one time or another its called business
[Zone] Picori@joeyisme: so you think it justifies them treating all its players like dirt? xD
[Zone] Vakos@bonefuser: your in it for fun they are in it for money
[Zone] Sheyla Kross@tagnusironsord: The game isn't here to generate love and rainbows, after all.

Well, of course. And the moment it stops making money for them, like so many MMOs before it, it'll go under. It's a cycle--hype, opening, special deals, more hype, more deals, then folks start drifting away when the next thing goes bang. It happens.

[Zone] Vellivia@jedimindtrixii: aneeet treeats the cuustomers pretty good

Aneeet? I ran a Google search for that, nothing came up but peoples' names. 'Aneet' came up similarly, and 'Anet' turned up a program and ArenaNet, idea, really.

[Zone] Lucius Ebonshade@zoiks100: Nope, just saying, devs treating players likes crap results in players treating the game they create like crap
[Zone] Vakos@bonefuser: and yet here we are.........
[Zone] Margnar@MarcusAndresen: Anyone know why no option to trade alchemy assets with vendor towards companion? Have they withdrawn the event?
[Zone] Vakos@bonefuser: yes marg
[Zone] Grym@oddone81: i have arrived
[Zone] Picori@joeyisme: ah yeah good point, now i can exploit everything and not care
[Zone] Vakos@bonefuser: thre was an exploit
[Zone] Margnar@MarcusAndresen: k, thanks
[Zone] GrimpyGrumpy@Drirttz: all depend how costumers handle the abuse, if they dont do nothing.......the shit continue

I'm still trying to figure out where the abuse is happening.

[Zone] Lucius Ebonshade@zoiks100: Yep, here I am, making AD...not really sure why I still do, but meh. It's strangely addictive. Like fantasy football.
[Zone] Sheyla Kross@tagnusironsord: And if the customers and costumers ever get ito it... uh oh....
[Zone] Vakos@bonefuser: im sure they have made more than enough on this game to cover costs to keep servers going for at least a few years so , really they just milking it for what its worth now
[Zone] Lucius Ebonshade@zoiks100: Going by the leaderboards when they were first implemented, it looks like they have around 250k actual players now.
[Zone] Madame Sonja@rhettloz: no kidding?

Is that good or bad?

[Zone] Vellivia@jedimindtrixii: i like the gameeplay but not the fact that everything seems to bee hidden behind athe pay now cuurtain

AH, that's what you're talking about. You don't like the cash shop.

[Zone] Nyx Redblade@kaiserschmarrn: games like Neverwinter live off the whales...the guys who spend 500$ a month on Zen

Pretty much everyone lives off the whales, really, but at least on Neverwinter and some other games, there are options for those who aren't made of disposable income.

[Zone] Melbu Frahma@blacksladdi: they must have big dorks


[Zone] GrimpyGrumpy@Drirttz: bah!, game is so simple for a mmorg, i just playing for my friends, they have me tiped to the seat and dont let me go c_c


[Zone] Lucius Ebonshade@zoiks100: Hard to imagine may people still doing that...what's to buy anymore?
[Zone] Vellivia@jedimindtrixii: ratheer spend on prostituues
[Zone] Nyx Redblade@kaiserschmarrn: and get stds

If this is going to turn into another dead hooker thing, I'm so done with it.

[Zone] Krazed@thykrazyone: Like LOTR, if there is too much gap between free play and pay-to-play, I will just stop playing. So will others.
[Zone] Sheyla Kross@tagnusironsord: The latest "bonus" is only available when you buy Zen
[Zone] Vellivia@jedimindtrixii: only if youur a chuump about picking your wenches
[Zone] Nyx Redblade@kaiserschmarrn: that new Zen charge offer is pretty bad....I already have all those companions and I wont pay 200$ for a stupid bear
[Zone] Igatso Xaris@mrkeyman22: well make it simpel if you dont like the game stop playing it :)

You notice people would rather hang around and bitch, though, rather than doing anything proactive, or leaving the game they claim to hate so much.

[Zone] Sheyla Kross@tagnusironsord: ...
[Zone] GrimpyGrumpy@Drirttz: at least in lotro with pay a sub you get all the stuff open, i never had prob with that but here.......
[Zone] Grym@oddone81: best 200$ i neverspent
[Zone] Nyx Redblade@kaiserschmarrn: also Hero of the North spider > bear

To be honest, part of the reason to buy a specific mount is because of the look of that mount, price is a secondary factor. Like, I really want an owlbear, but I don't think it'd work for all characters. And Miss Neome keeps talking about buying me whichever game pack it is with a Unicorn mount, because the Unicorns are pretty fast,'s a Unicorn. I can't name one single character I have currently that would really rock a Unicorn.

Especially one that sparkles.

[Zone] Addus@silbar04: 8 upgrade fails in a row just to rank 5.... omg
[Zone] Igatso Xaris@mrkeyman22: use wards man
[Zone] Addus@silbar04: 10th try worked haha
[Zone] Melbu Frahma@blacksladdi: rip 10 pres wards
[Zone] Addus@silbar04: arent wards expensive?
[Zone] Fallor@captainspooge: uhh yeah like 30-40k each

True, but there's a couple advantages here and there--first, they occasionally drop in price if you watch the Auction House, and second, you can find wards in dungeon chests, and in lockboxes pretty frequently. So there's that at least.

[Zone] Addus@silbar04: for rank 4 -> 5 atleast
[Zone] Xeno Ex Machina@ironwarlord76: i give up on trying to get that companion.
[Zone] Tyrelea@Thyralion: what else are you going to buy, keys? ^^

Well, they do drop lockboxes with frequency...Okay, that's one big complaint I have, is that you get lockboxes in nearly every enemy encounter, but the keys to open them run between 100 and 125 Zen. That's Zen bought with real money, not AD earned in game. And I wouldn't mind so much but there's a finite amount of bank slots available without spending more Zen to get more. Right now, I have nearly all lockboxes consolidated in the bank of one character, but right now we're talking about eight different types of lockbox, and in some cases, hundreds of boxes in each stack. It's a pain.

So that I'll give them, but...I still wouldn't call it "abuse".

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